Tests - Dr S

Just wondered what tests people have had who have seen Dr S? And what exactly the tests are for? I only had the first consultation, and he diagnosed MAV. He didn’t suggest any further testing, but for some people he has. Does anyone know what exactly the tests are for - eng, caloric, etc? And does anyone know what symptoms warrant the tests? Still clutching at straws here, as I’m still feeling worse than ever having been with Dr S since April.

I’m in the same boat never had any other tests with dr S just the one consultation, I would prefer to have tests just incase coz I do find my dizziness confusing and very hard to explain so if I’m not explaining it correctly then I could be giving him false symptoms

Tha’ts exactly how I feel. I find some of his questions really hard to answer, and it’s so difficult to put the symptoms into words - impossible actually, sometimes.


I didn’t know he did tests. It seems like a new thing. They must now have the facilites in The Balance Centre.

Hi - I saw Dr S yesterday, and I’m to have tests. Looks like this is listed on my sheet:

  1. Recording and Analysis of Eye Movements (ENG/VNG)
  2. Caloric Testing (oh joy!)
  3. Positional / Positioning / Headshake / other miscellaneous Tests

…and these are crossed out:
4) Pure Tone Audiometry
5) Tympanometry