Thanks for replies Re "Head Rushes"


All you replies were appreciated very much. It seems that everyone who replied knew what I was describing.
The drs I’ve seen for this troublesome problem do not appear to really know what is causing it nor do they suggest any treatment other than eating more salt which I tried with no results whatsoever.

This symptom may be more endocrinological: having to do with physiological things that accompany Migraine disorders.


Hi Raven,

I’m finding out the same thing about the MAV being connected to other physiological things. I just saw a Rheumatologist last Fri. and she dx. me with fibromyalgia which migraines is one of the symptoms…along w/chronic fatigue…which also comes with constant dizziness. My FP doc didn’t get my recent lab results to her, but my thyroid has also been flucuating since May. Fibromyalgia can mimic the symptoms of hypothyroidism as well so she said it could actually be either one, but while my thyroid is flucuating it can be hard to tell especially since she hasn’t looked at the lab results. The exam was almost 2 hours. I did have the copies of my balance & MAV dx info, but she knows nothing about migraines or dizziness.

I’m a little confused…I told the doc I was on 100 mg Topamax…she prescribed Nortriptyline 10 MG (Pamelor) to help with sleep for the fibromyalgia…only it keeps me awake most of the night and day

Isn’t Nortriptyline also used as migraine preventative? If so should I only be using one med and not both?


I notice I feel the tingling of a head rush starting if I’m a little dizzy and stressed…like when my 17 yr old son or 20 yr old daughter starts to disagree or argue with me. I’ve never had a problem with minor stress like this affecting me before either. Does minor stress effect anyone else this way at all?