Thanks Scott..Success story thread

Scott put up a success story thread at the top of the forum for those of us or you all that have success with your journey and can share with us all. I think it will help each of us to see that there is hope to feel much better if not even close to normal through this once you find the right combination of possibly diet, life style changes and medications that bring this disease to a very manageable level to live close to a normal life.

Hopefully one day that thread will be full of success stories where we all can have our say! In the mean time “thank you” Scott for starting the thread which will help us all have hope for better days ahead. :smiley:

I will second this! Thank you, Scott for the continued work on this site and the success stories really can pick you up when a bad day is all you can see!

For all of you who put your story up there for us to see…THANK YOU SO MUCH…

We all need to know there is hope and that we too may find our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

Thanks Scott. It is wonderful to hear from those that are doing well. Success Stories is my favorite thread on this board! Kristen