That pushing feeling - what is it?

I’m pretty sure I’ve read of others here who have felt like they are being pushed. Could you describe that feeling for me - I’m wondering if it is the same thing I feel. Also, do you know what causes this?

What happens to to me is that I will be doing my normal stuff, whatever that may be and suddenly I feel as if I have been pushed, just a tiny push, it’s like my body is suddenly being moved half an inch or so. It’s not a big shove or anything like that. I can’t tell if I really move or if it is just in my imagination. Or maybe it feels like the room is moving, and not me, I’m not reallly sure. This morning it happened at work 3 times and each time it left me feeling more and more carsick and more and more like a vertigo attack was impending so I ending up taking half a meclizine which didn’t help much so I added a quarter valium to that. If it were a weekend and I was home I don’t think I would have taken anything but I get very nervous about having vertigo at work and wanted to prevent it if I could.

I have no idea - but I totally get what you mean and I have it too. I don’t think I could describe it any better than you just did!

I get this, feels like the room suddenly shifts, lasts seconds, small vertigo attacks.


I’m glad to know I’m not the only who experiences this weird thing. I wish there was a name for it so I could tell my doctor exactly what I have. I hate to take another symptom to him. I’m always afraid he will think I am bit off my rocker with the symptoms I have. I’d love to know what causes it.

Christine, yes, it’s kind of like a small vertigo attack, I think I used to call these “mini-spins.” Mine only last about a second but the after effects stick around for a while. :cry:

Anyone else have this being pushed feeling? Is it the same as I have described or is yours different?

Book, I know that I am answering late to this but I am trying to get active on the board again after a long absence. I get those shoves, almost from the begginging of all this. For me, it is like you describe, but changes inches to feet. I have felt both, where it felt like the room just shifted three feet to one side or the other. Or an outright shove, my body always reacts to the shoves without my cocious thought and tries to resist the imaginary shove and I end up taking several steps in the opposite direction of the shove.

BTW, I only get these sensations while standing, never while sitting. I’m also the same way regarding the meds for immediate relief of symptoms, I only take Valium if I have things that I have to do, otherwise I try to ‘ride’ it out. Pun intended. :lol:

They only time I’ve felt it is when I was doing the battery of tests and one of them was hyperventilation. I had the video goggles on so I couldn’t see and I actually thought part of the test was seeing how I reacted to the person giving me the test pushed me until I could feel her hand behind me actually holding me up. I had never heard of this test before but it’s an anxiety test and if you get really dizzy and need to stop pretty quickly (for me it was 20-30 seconds) you highly likely have an anxiety issue that needs working on as well. Not that you have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder)…just that you have at least a situational one that you could have developed with the whole condition.

The whole time I had this weird condition that nobody could explain very well for sure and how I wasn’t getting better I was definitely anxious and now that I was diagnosed 4 days ago with the migraine and anxiety related dizziness my ‘anxiety’ level is almost non existent. I had a little pop up for like 2 minutes yesterday but a half hour on the exercise bike and it was gone. When I say anxious it was more stressed out or like pressed to do too much at once…not like worried about anything. I just needed to know what was actually going on with my health…and now also that I heard there is nothing wrong with my vestibular system at all, I have a much more positive outlook on this not affecting my love for games like volleyball/tennis and skiing. I’m still not ‘fixed’ and have to get the migraines under control, but just knowing it’s ‘just that’ and the high success rates for the drugs and time and lessoned anxiety leads me to believe that in a few 2-3 months I’ll be back to relative normal life.

And all this lessoned anxiety is when I’ve been cutting my valium down a lot. I took 5-6mg per day for 2 months straight and in the last month have it down to 2.5mg per day. The doc said they actually might want to kick it back up if they start me on effexor next week as some people get more dizzy at the beginning of that. I can definitely tell I’m lowering the valium but I’m not so dizzy like I was before so it was time to cut the daily use and I’ll ask if they say I can still use it when an ‘attack’ comes on.

Heh, I didn’t mean to go on but it just flowed…haha. I don’t know if the pushing feeling is related to anxiety for sure in anyone else, but like I said the only time I felt it is when my brain thought it was under duress from the hyperventilation. I will say, I totally know you’re feeling and it really does feel real. It’s quite incredible really.

I have had that feeling for years. Years ago it felt like I was being pushed down to the ground. The last few years it has turned into like I am being shoved and feel a sensation like Im going to fall over. Tilting to the right and somewhat forward. Im not having anxiety when it happens but after it happens I sure do. I dont know what causes it. I have Bilateral Menieres and now they are also trying to figure out if I have silent migraines.

Book…i also get these little shoves…but i refer too mine as "Tug’s in my head. If it continues i begin to feel as though i’m a cork on the ocean…out to sea.


Hey Book and Brian,
I wonder if it could be this?
I have it too.

SUDDEN DROP-ATTACK falls without loss of consciousness have been noted in a small percentage of patients with Meniere disease (endolymphatic hydrops).1-4 Meniere disease is an inner ear disorder characterized by fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus, and episodic vertigo. Tumarkin1 described patients with Meniere disease who have sudden falls that occur without warning, without loss of consciousness, and without any concomitant neurologic symptoms or sequelae. The patients typically report the sensation of being pushes, and they fall in the same direction with repeated falls.3-4 In some cases, patients report a sudden tilt of the environment simultaneous with the fall.3-4 Because surgical ablation of the vestibular periphery cures Tumarkin falls, these falls must originate from the vestibular periphery.2, 4

The clinical features of Tumarkin falls are consistent with mechanical stimulation to the otoliths, causing a burst of neural impulses from the otolithic organs to the vestibulospinal pathways, triggering the fall. A well-documented case of a patient with an otolithic Tullio phenomenon provides clues to the mechanism of otolithic involvement in Tumarkin falls.5 In this patient, a loud sound to the affected ear triggered a fall to the right and backward, a counterclockwise tilt of the visual scene, and a documented ocular tilt reaction, with characteristics consistent with ipsilateral otolithic stimulation. A short-latency vestibulospinal reflex was recorded in the tibialis anterior and gastrocnemius muscles that may mediate the postural imbalance.5 There are similarities between the postural imbalance in this case report of otolithic Tullio phenomenon and Tumarkin falls in Meniere disease. In both cases, the direction of the fall is stereotyped, and the fall is often associated with a room tilt illusion.3-4 However, in Tumarkin falls, there are no precipitating factors and no aura, and the falls are more abrupt and violent.

There are no previous reports, to our knowledge, of Tumarkin falls in association with vestibulopathies other than Meniere syndrome and delayed endolymphatic hydrops, a variant of Meniere syndrome. We present 6 case reports of patients with sudden falls with characteristics of Tumarkin falls, recurrent spontaneous vertigo spells, and normal hearing. These patients clearly do not meet the diagnostic criteria for Meniere syndrome as defined in 1995 by the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Foundation.6

Jen, I don’t fall when I have my “little pushes” at least not yet, knock on wood, but I am aware of drop attacks and have often wondered if maybe they are a mini form of them or a precurser to a major drop attack. Seems the last couple of days they have been happening over and over. It is so disconcerting. I’ve been doing web searches trying to find a name for them and the closest I can come to is “pulsion” which I never heard of until searching.

Joe, yes, tugs in my head could also describe what is happening to me.

Dizzywoman, sometimes I wonder if I have bilateral Meniere’s also as neither one ear or the other seems to be affected, all tests show they are operating the same. This is one reason my doctor said I don’t have Meniere’s but instead have MAV, but I wonder if it could be bilateral after all (though hearing/tinnitus isn’t any worse during a vertigo attack)

bbk, do you know the name of the test you took?

Brian, Did you doctor ever give you any idea as to why they were happening or a name for it?


Dr. Haine recently told me that my falling was more than likely Tumarkin’s. Because of the similarities, I have speculated for years that the shove might be the same, just on another axis, and your artircle backs up my speculation.

Here’s some more Brian .
Mentions Mav


After 2 years without this symptom, I had this happen to me also for about 2 day straight and it sort of freaked me out. However, I also had a stomach virus at the same time. Once the virus was through my system, the symptoms went away. It’s almost as if this is rooted in my chemistry now, and when I am not well, my symptoms come back to haunt me. Typically, I am almost 100% every day. The MOST that I ever have happen during a “bad day” (when I rarely have them) is that I am sensitive to light. That’s about it these days. But this was just a “woah, am I ok?” sort of thing. But when the virus got out of my system I was fine again lol. Weird


Thanks for the article jenny. I don’t meat the criteria of the patients that under went the testing, but the discription of the pushes is very similar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Brian That sounds so groce!
I hope my mav never morphs into anything that bad,
when I was on (a med) that didnt agree with me, I’d collapse , but nothing like what youve decribed.
my body would just go weak.

Book I’ll check out

I get the pushing feeling, also pulling (like a dodgy shopping trolley), a sense of falling forward and spongy, moving ground/floors.