The answer valsalva maneuvers and migriane

Here’s something that might explain the it :mrgreen:

maybe the reason men get it more is because,they us preffer to do most of the hard work.
well sometimes anyway.
its there manly privilege you know cave man instinct, YUM! :mrgreen:

Coital migraine headaches can affect women, but they mostly affect men. They may be brought on by hemodynamic changes that accompany intercourse and orgasm. This is important because intercourse and orgasm are associated with Valsalva-like maneuvers that increase pressure in the vertebral venous plexus (VVP), the superior sagittal sinus, and reverse the CSF pressure gradient. Moreover, Valsalva maneuvers increase pressure in the suboccipital cavernous sinus. This could affect the posterior circulation to the brain. Craniocervical syndromes may similarly affect the VVP, CSF pressure gradient and posterior circulation similar, and will be discussed later in this article.
Lastly, there are transformed or rebound migraine headaches. These are caused by the excessive use of medications, such as analgesics and ergotomine tartrate, to treat migraines. Using these medications for more than two days a week can lead to a constant headache that won’t go away until the medication is withdrawn. The cause is unknown, but it is most likely due to worsening of the affects of ischemia, and the hyperperfusion and edema as a result of the ischemia.

The rest of the article about it and other types of migraine BAM stokes ect here

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Thanks, Buccholz didn’t do nearly as good a job explaining the connection. That was very helpful.


Jen, my daughter played the saxophone all through high school–and I was certain that the breathing ( and the noise) kept her in a state of constant vertigo, and the “experts” blew me off. I did find a reference to valsalva making migraine worse. After high school, she never touched the sax again. And, coincidentally, her MAV has gotten much better. She still plays the piano and sings in two choruses, but the breathing with singing isn’t the valsalva of trying to blow a sax or a clarinet.


Kira Hi :smiley:
I’ve been thinking about you.
yep sax or clarinet would do it .
horrible to have to see your kids go through migraine desease.

I could’nt work out why my vertigo would become worse whenever I’d strain or
bend to pick something heavy up at work like a speaker (muso)
and Bang! I’d be rocking like crazy!
thats where my confusion came in,
I kept thinking, could it be , Perilymph fistula
or with the bending BPPV. no wonder this dizzy stuff is to hard to work out.
we keep running around in circles second guessing our selves. :shock:
so it’s a great thing we are all here together learning from each other

I pray everything is going to plan,
and your being treated with love and respect
I can only sit and imagine what you have been through in the past few months
as I cant walk in your shoes, I didnt want to disturb you with PM’s
but was thinking of you and my hearts with you!
((((( hugs))))) jen from oz

— Begin quote from “jennyd”

I pray everything is going to plan,
and your being treated with love and respect

— End quote


I pray, along with Jen, that you are being treated with love and respect, and if you’re not, i pray for them :slight_smile:


Jen and Julie,
Julie has heard my issues: to quote a RNP friend, “Whenever I’ve needed the health care system, it’s never failed to disappoint me.”
There have been some issues and the Breast Health Center where I"m being treated always sends me (when I’m the referring doctor) a post card with a consult note, asking for feedback, but as a patient, you’re left to fend for yourself.
There were some bumps in the road, and I finally reached my tolerance level, and sent an email to the medical director detailing the care I’d received vs. the national guidelines. And have received feedback that the clinic is being completely changed due to my “helpful feedback”.
Always glad to be of help…
The active phase of treatment is coming to an end, thank goodness, so hopefully it can become just another part of my life, not the central defining aspect of it.

Jen, I kept bringing up the sax and clarinet to all the neurologists and got completely blown off. You’re a singer–using your breath to sing is completely different, and she loves to sing, both in the University Chorus and as the president of her a capella group. It was so hard to feel so helpless when she was so ill, and during her hospitalization for intractable migraine, the neurologist couldn’t understand how she would experience vertigo as the primary problem, and demanded a psychiatric consult. We fired her as a doctor, but not before she deserted my daughter who was discharged unimproved–actually worse with IV depakote, and she made her return for an emergency MRI/MRA and as my daughter vomited in the MRI suite, the neurologist said she could return to the ER, and this time, there would be a psychiatry consult…I took her home, called another neurologist, and it was still a good year before the dust settled. Very hard to watch and feel helpless as a parent. I had vertigo, but didn’t have the MAV diagnosis yet–as soon as I did, she saw my otologist who confirmed that she had it also, and validated her experience (although she was mad that he didn’t have the cure right at hand—) She does an amazing job of controlling things now, and absolutely refuses to stop her nortriptyline when she sees her current neurologist–she tells him “Why would I ever want to experience that again?”
So, she’s good and I"m going through this, but have finally switched out of victim mode to “difficult patient”–and got THANKED for it?? I think I exposed some really shoddy care. Just too bad I had to experience it.

thats what we need more undercover spy’s. 8)
especaily ones with specail knowledge.

we’l have to call you 007, from now on Kira.
you teach them to treat their patients with more respect and dignity.
and not just like a number.

it’s pay back time! :twisted:


Unfortunately, they knew Kira was a doctor and she **still ** got bad treatment.

We need to send her undercover in order to get REAL bad treatment and then use her credentials to set them straight.

When you’ve been a victim and then you’re set loose, it’s like being let out of prison and jen, you put it just right, then - it is payback time!!! :twisted:

Oh they knew!
stupid idiots!

really!! can you believe it!? Nobody is safe from the healthcare system.