The dizzy hangover!

Well I achieved a holiday! I had to drive for fours there and back and, although the hol wasn’t too bad, I got out of that car yesterday barely able to walk in a straight line.
Today I have a dizzy hangover so to speak. I mean dizzies are back with a vengeance; it’s like very bad VRT!
I just can’t stop my head. It’s going whoosh every ten mins and is really starting to annoy me :evil:
Dizzy hangover - who gets it? It’s got to be a vestibular overload!!
I got a tattoo on my wrist on holiday. It was kind of like a payback to the dizziness and I felt in control again for some bizzare reason like I was getting back at my body in some way. I would take 10 tattoos a day over dizziness and that’s no lie!

I’m going to start a new forum I HATE DIZZINESS .COM :lol:

Like the name of your proposed forum. :smiley:

I’m not sure what you mean by a dizzy hangover. I know that if I push myself as you describe, I will pay the price in a manner as you describe. My wife actually plans half days or full days for me to rest when we do stuff that will be pushing me. I also experience a washed out, wrung through the wringer, depression filled day after a nasty dizzy spell. This one I know as common from a few migrainers I know, they describe a day after a severe migraine in much the same way.

I mean its like when yove pushed your body too far and get a dizzy hangover the next day it happens to me a lot.