The importance of a sleep schedule

This weekend I found out how important it is to keep yourself on a fairly strict sleep schedule. I normally go to bed between 10:00 and 11:00 (as late as midnight on the weekends) and get up around 7:00 durning the week, and about 9:00 on the weekend. Any way, this weekend I went to a bachelor party and was up until 4:00 am. No clubs, just dinner at a Hooters type resteraunt, and poker all night long.

I have been suffering ever since. Three days now. The day after felt like the day after a migraine, all mushy headed and hard to think. Yesterday was a case of the mild dizzies and today my balance is out for the count.

I will add in that the weather the last few days has been a roller coaster ride and that adds into it, but I think that the interuption in my sleep routine is the biggest factor the last three days. I think that this is one of the biggest bummers in the life style changes required in managing the symptoms. I’m always the first person to leave so that I can get to bed on time, and always getting razzed about it.

Oh well, next time if I have any idea of how long something will take if it is going to push me way beyond my bedtime, I won’t be participating, just observing until it is bed time.


i could not agree more , a couple of weeks ago I got a late night phone call from my brother and it woke me up after I had already gone to bed.

I was on the phone with him until 1 in the morning and the next day was awful.

Never again…I do not push the sleep issue any more . It has been one of the most important changes I think I have made in all of this circumstance.

I try not to take naps either as that impacts my ability to sleep through the night.

It is amazing how lack of sleep can affect us. Looking back, for years before my migraine diagnosis I would have severe vertigo spells anytime I would go for long spells without sleep. For example, about four years ago I was part of an IT disaster recovery test that lasted 32 hours. After 24 hours, the room was spinning and I was nauseaus. Also, about seven years ago, I spent several nights in a hospital waiting room when a family member was passing away from cancer. The same thing happened with the vertigo and nausea. I had not idea it was migraine. I now realize that a good part of the hangovers from my younger days may have been from lack of sleep. :wink:

Hey Brian,

Totally agree. If my sleep gets messed up for just one night, I can pay a heavy price for it. This is why I think I get so trashed on trips to Toronto. Among others, the time changes and sleep disruption leaves me wrecked for about a week! Sounds like you guys in the northern hemisphere are all having a rough time with hayfever, and wild temperature shifts too.



I totally know where you are coming from! We have to live such routine lives these days. Well, at least you had fun, right? I have a hard time telling people that I need to be in bed by 11:00 at the latest. I dealt with a friend who stayed till 1:00 am the other day. Our husbands went out to see a local band and the band didn’t start till 10 pm. I thought for sure his wife would leave when they left (after all we had been with them all evening). Oh no, not with my luck. She stayed so late. I took my medicine 3 hours late, I was tired and cranky. The next day I felt off. Bad news…they are coming over tomorrow for supper! They are good people but stay sooo late. I need to tell them but I hate hurting people’s feelings. At least you were out and about having fun, Brian. You deserve to have fun. I am just sorry you are suffering from it now. It will pass. I have always taken your advice regarding the importance of sleep. Just sometimes it is hard when certain circumstances arise. Hope you feel better.