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The intense multi-sensory effect of supermarket environments

I just happened upon part of a TV Programme last evening entitled ‘The Honest Supermarket: What’s really in our food?’. A Horizon special. It had constructed an ‘honest supermarket’ where every product was labelled with the facts about its impact on us and the environment, and where the public can find the truth about their favourite foods. All interesting stuff. What made it of relevance to this site is, discussing supermarkets store planning strategies to encourage us to buy more and particularly more ‘naughty’ unhealthy products, they conducted experiments on people’s brain reactions to playing various types of music attaching all the usual electrodes to shaven heads etc and they introduced this section by stating how supermarket environments are highly charged multi-sensorially - as if we need to be told that - and how this is deliberately planned. They appear to be carrying out more research to improve their chances of ensnaring us into further unnecessary spending by attaching still more electrodes to shaven heads no doubt.

Money certainly ‘talks’ and the supermarkets have plenty of it. And they have the incentive to push on with research so they can make more. What makes my blood boil is nobody seems to have any incentive/inclination to apply similar technology and thought processes to help people clinically affected by such environments and the millions world-wide who suffer with vestibular problems and/or classic migraine and lose their ability to be independent because of it by finding some root causes. Making money matters. People’s suffering it seems doesn’t. Surely such technology could help but there seems no incentive to try. Helen


Always good practice to include a link to references:

NB not sure this will be accessible outside the UK

Our local Tesco now has a " migraine" hour with no music and no lights…just natural. And you know how much I love my tesco trips!!!
Jo :sparkling_heart:


Well that is a new one on me. How very enlightened of them although with severe MAV cases I think it’s the visual clutter (isles packed both sides) that cause most issues still it is a very kind thought. May be great for many. Must admit that though I can do supermarket trips pretty well now I do tend to do much more on line. It’s nice when all you have to do is open the door to a burly young man carting your heavy groceries in. I could really get to like it. Helen


Yes im doing a lot better in supermarkets since Venlafaxine. I just cannot get past postional dizziness in the mornings getting dressed and getting to work. I dont know how im going to get past this situation Helen…im stuck with it. Even when im on leave as i am this week im STILL dizzy til lunch time then i come out of it in the afternoon…still no hanging washing :roll_eyes:
Jo x

I was like that for years and then it just went.

I was far worse in mornings and by afternoon it calmed down. Hang in there!

Sorry, getting off topic :sweat_smile:


Thanks James…it means a lot to hear you went through the same crappy rigmarole day in day out for years and conquered it…i sure hope i follow suit


Hi Jojo
What dose of Ven are you on? I can relate to being bad in morn and improving as day goes on - however I am now on 125mg Ven (extended release) and have had huge improvements in dizziness levels

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Hi Karen
Im only on 75mg extended release but there is talk of upping my dosage at my next appointment and to be honest i think i need to because i dread mornings…dizzy putting clothes on looking up or down turning left and right to sort my work stuff out. My partner has to dress me sometimes. Then by bed time i can feel almost normal
Jo xxx

What a fantastic thing to do! How can you find out if your local store is doing this Jo? X

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Off Topic or not I have to echo @turnitaround’s comments, my little MAV twin. However much higher my baseline goes it’s always at lowest first thing in the morning. The fact you are lot better in supermarkets since Venlafaxine but not 100% and you are still groggy every morning must surely indicate a drug’s increase is necessary. That and the passage of time.

Can you establish if Tescos plans to roll this out countrywide. Is this just a trial. Any ideas? Not seen any publicity about it which would seem strange. Helen


Yes that really is a great initiative! Thanks for reporting @Jojo65

Hi Guys
My little workmate sufferes badly from migraine and she enlightened me about our local store offereing this service…im currently on leave for a week but i will ask her what times and days this is on offer as shes uses it regularly. I will do some digging leave it with me

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I need an increase Helen…simple as xx
Jo :sparkling_heart:

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Looking forward to what you discover. I wonder if it’s some sort of pilot. Helen

I think it is Helen but I will do my homework and find out what i can from my workmate…she also has an awful type of migraine with Syncope??? I think thats what she has…shes on very similar meds to me also
Jo x

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Well, by all accounts, Venlafaxine is highly rated for treating Visual Vertigo which is what these intensely high sensorially charged supermarkets cause. Helen

As you know me well enough Helen Visual Vertigo was horrific for me and still can be but Venlafaxine has given me days of supermarket freedom and i can even cross the road better without feeling im being pulled to the ground!! Would Flunazarine have done that…i dont know. But i need an increase as im stuck daily with morning symptoms.

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Well I feel very thankful to many of these big, profitable supermarkets for offering affordable options to deliver groceries directly our doorsteps - something that was almost unheard of 10-20 years ago, and almost impossible to offer before the internet. The home delivery option makes sense for anyone with a chronic condition, not just MAV. So, I believe they ARE investing in innovative and cost effective ways at providing groceries for ALL.

It can’t be easy to figure out how to keep all groceries up to date online and figure out all the logistical steps required for delivering to homes. And in many cases the delivery speed is pretty amazing (<1hour). I just checked the Fred Meyer website and the delivery fee is ~$12. So, they hand pick all your groceries and bring them to your door in sometimes as little as 1 hour, all for $12.

That’s amazing! So considerate!

Venlafaxine destroyed my mornings. I’m way better in the mornings without it.