The Nauseating Side Effects of Cloverfield

Rich went to see this movie several days before all hell broke loose with him. … 99826.html

Okay, this is weird. I was reading a blog entry about computer light/eye strain and saw a comment by a Dr. Steven Galetta, a neurologist or neuro-opthamologist in Philly.
Then I Googled his name and came across his comments in an article on the movie Cloverfield, where it appears many people got sick.
I couldn’t seem to let Rich’s case go, since it was an odd beginning; and now more than ever, I think that movie is what did him in.
IMO his nervous system was susceptible and it was what he saw through his eyes that got to his brain, triggering a game of neurological dominos.


I watched it a few weeks ago and i had this for a year…it is hard to watch…not so sure it would make it long lasting though

There was a thread on this forum when that movie first came out. There was also a lot of press about the dizziness it was causing people during it’s release. Rich never put the two together, huh? I totally believe it could have triggered him.

DD - you were able to watch that movie??? and it didn’t make you sick? it made normal people sick.

I completely agree with you that it triggered him.
He just woke up one day and BOOM, life was over, so to speak. I can identify, in a way. :shock:
I knew the answer HAD to be in the days leading up to the crisis.


and if a cruise or a plane ride can trigger MDD, what’s so hard to believe an incredibly sickening movie like this would do it?