The overlap between MAV and fibromyalgia

I was reading about fibromyalgia today because I have been experiencing this in relation, I believe, to current med use. However, when I started reading the link below, I saw all of these overlapping symptoms between and MAV. The cross over made me wonder if that’s not what I have (or CFS), mainly because it seems that migraine is part of this as well.

I just wondered if anyone else had questioned these conditions are their way to a MAV diagnosis.

Thanks - Molly

Hi Molly,

My sister has recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The way she feels is definitely very different to the way I feel, particularly the intense pain in certain areas of her body that migrates to other areas at times. She is doing extremely well on a tricyclic anti depressant.

I do get excruciatingly tired with this illness. I am still having a relapse ever since taking the effexor and am constantly tired. However, I had CFS when I was in my early twenties for six years. I recovered from it completely prior to getting MAV. I have to say it was very different from this. Although I am very tired, the tiredness with CFS went way beyond anything I experience with this. I was at times virtually unable to get up from my bed, I would wake in the morning and go back to sleep and was forced to spend entire days in bed. It was like having been given an anasthetic, at those times I could barely hold a conversation. My muscles were so weak that it hurt to hold my arm above my head. I had problems walking up a hill, even though I was very young and would often have to stop and wait before I could continue. I felt flu like a lot of the time. It did cause brain fog, although I’d say the brain fog I get with MAV is worse.

I think if I hadn’t had CFS, I might wonder if I also had it now along with the MAV as I am so tired. As I have had CFS and know how different it is, i know I am just very, very tired with MAV, but it’s not the same. I was also never dizzy or vertiginous with CFS, nor were other sufferers of CFS that I know. My sister never experiences dizziness with fibormyalgia. My guess is that if people do experience anything dizziness with these conditions it is nothing on what we get with MAV.

I’m not saying you don’t have CFS or fibrmyalgia, I don’t know how you feel. I guess what I’m saying is that although on paper it can look like CFS and MAV are similar, my experience of them was very, very different. The fatigue with CFS is truly cronic as is the pain that people experience with fibromyalgia.


I definitely think there is a link. I have been diagnosed with both. After years of going back and forth to the neurologist, after the ENT tests, I was sent to the lupus clinic, gastro clinic etc., with so many symptoms. They found autoimmune thyroid and B12 deficiency and reactive hypoglycemia, bits and pieces but nothing definite. I found that after I came out from swimming I was exhausted like I had run a marathon. If I start to do cleaning, withink half an hour I am sweating and exhausted, heart rate over 100.

If I go shopping the MAV will make me tired from trying to focus, but then the body aching and sweating and dizziness sets in. Later, at night I can have bad aching legs and a sore throat. Thats the CFS part. If I get exhausted, it will set off a thick dizzy head the next day, so there is a link with me. I think, some of the people on this board have the flu like symptoms, but some dont, I think, Luke is able to be physically active and not collapse in a heap :?

Hannah, can I ask which trycilic antidepressent your sister is on?



Thanks for your comments, I found them really useful as I have often wondered about the differences between MAV and CFS as my main symptom is fatigue. I too believe they are two separate illnesses hwoever I do sometimes wonder if some people with MAV are misdiagnosed with CFS; when I first became ill my GP tried to tell me it was CFS but I felt it was something else so sought further advice.

I also just wanted to say how sorry I am that you have had to deal with two long term chronic illnesses in your life. To get one (MAV) is bad enough but to have been ill with CFS for so long in your early twenties, recover from it and then to be hit with this for so long as well must be really really tough. You must be a true survivor to deal with it so well.