The sound of "Migraineurs"

Has anyone else observed how unlike a disability the label sounds?

It seems more likely that after clambering down into a ravine and back out, I’d pick my way across an anticline, and then don my migraineurs to rappel across a sheer cliff face before ascending to . . . and like that.

Or maybe, in the days of the Raj, the Sahib would impatiently slap his whip against his stereotypical footwear, jodhpurs, while the Rajah’s youngest would smile amusedly, unmoved, dashingly clad in his own native riding boots, migr --yes, you’ve got the idea


Yeah, sounds like something Johnny Depp would wear , with a ripped frilly white shirt in a Pirate film…!!


I always think it sounds a lot like “connoisseur”. Hi, I’m a connoisseur of migraine. Has a nice ring to it though I’d rather be a wine connoisseur thanks all the same!

Scott :smiley:


Dash it all, I can’t seem to find my migraineurs! Just as well I still have my ear trumpet and spectacles…

I agree with Scott–we still have a nice bottle that was given to us for our fifth wedding anniversary/my 60th birthday this winter!–but Victoria, your response was a hoot!