The usual daily headache

I’ve been signing in to the migraine log site daily, to see whether it would identify any pattern of sensitivity. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful at adding to its symptom checklist, so all it asks me each day, and correlates with potential triggers, is whether I had no headache, a minor headache, or a major headache.

Well, every day for as long as I remember, I’ve been checking off “minor headache.” This is regardless of weather, minor food indiscretions, exercise, or sleep. I’m wondering whether there’s any point to registering each day’s report.

I certainly am glad that I don’t have occasion to check “major headache,” but this is fucking tedious. And it doesn’t predict whether I’ll proceed to feel dizzy or fuzzy-headed, or even if I’ll get disoriented and be amnesic for a small piece of the day.

Hi David,
I had a daily annoying headache every day for months…it wasn’t till I got on meds (in this case it was amitriptyline) that they went away. I know you were on topomax, but I don’t know what you’re taking now? They do say headaches are very serotonin related…for what that’s worth…

David - You don’t by any chance throw any ibuprofen (Advil) into the mix, do you?

I have some other pain issues so I was taking some of that on a daily basis - and even though I never had skull crusher headaches, I was getting daily mild ones and finally figured out I was in a rebound headache cycle from the ibuprofen. So I got off the ibuprofen altogether for awhile, and the headaches stopped being a daily thing. Not gone entirely, but much less frequent. I take ibuprofen now, but much less often.

Hi, Maryalice, Kelley.

I haven’t taken ibuprofen in quite a while. On rare occasion, I take acetaminophen, usually 1 gram, usually because pain is preventing me from sleeping. (This is not headache but arthritis or hernia pain.) I don’t like to add any medication into the mix of drugs I take daily, if I can avoid it. I’m taking 75 mG nortriptaline, 200 mG carbamazepine (anti-seizure &/or heart), 300 mG Coenzyme Q10 for giggles; 60 mG nifedipine (hypertension) and a multivitamin. Seems like plenty.

In large part, I was just expressing disappointment with the web site that theoretically offers me a chance to identify triggers more reliably than I could on my own. It claims to allow users to expand the range of symptoms it correlates, but I was not able to make that work for me (nor obtain assistance with this from the site manager).

Thanks for your input.


David I had the same experience with the site so I gave up…