There was me thinking I had a virus twice - migraines and hearing loss

I’m convinced I got MAV after an assumed 5 week stint of vestibular neuritis. I didn’t have any aural symptoms and did not appear to have any hearing loss (as expected). I apparently, initially recovered fully, except a few very brief spells of dizziness. I thought I’d dodged a big bullet and thanked my stars …

… not so simple, 5 months later I had a relapse of dizziness after watching a projector in a meeting room at work. 3 weeks later my dizziness had gone but I had developed tinnitus and hearing tests showed I had some high frequency hearing loss.

So that suggests I had a viral attack twice … or did I? Was it MAV the second time?

I found this article that suggests migraines can cause hearing loss:

What do you think?

Sitting in front of a projector is how mine started and it tends to be a regular trigger for me now.

Also have tinnitus but my hearing all fine thankfully. I hope you find an answer soon!

Thank you, yeah weird right?

I should point out that hearing loss wasn’t scientifically confirmed as I didn’t have a before and after audiogram, just an after. My neuro assumed hearing loss due to the tinnitus. I’ve always had a deficit of higher frequencies in left ear, I’m presuming from a childhood virus (probably the mumps), but we have assumed it’s got worse, though hard to prove.