Things that have changed in your life - in my case driving

I don’t know if it’s the motion of driving or the anxiety or what but i almost hate driving now and i used to love it. I used to be a drivaholic when i was young.

is this some kind of lesson i’m suposed to learn? probably not but it’s strange how things happen. I miss driving it used to be relaxing to me and used to love to listen to music and now i can barely handle the radio on at all. i seem okay off and on but when i have to stop at a redlight i get super dizzy. I don’t know why - it must be the motion and then the stopping???


I SO know how you feel…i USE to drive for hours! Now I am mostly scare to drive!!! I hate it!!! I have 6 kids and so some days i HAVE to be the one to drive, otherwise my hubby does Thanks God my son gets his permit thursday!!! BUt I wanna go where ever I want, not just here and back, ya know?

I dont get why I feel off everyday when i do everything!


Donna I’m so sorry you have this also. Gosh 6 children - i don’t know how you do it. I don’t have any kids and at my age and my illness i couldn’t handle them at all. However i know we are given strength to deal with stuff. I don’t know how i get through 9 hour work days some days esp right now but i fight as hard as I can.

I used to love to “cruise” back in the day i just loved to drive all over the city and into the country listening to loud music and havign a great time with friends and sometimes alone. No destination! Now i freak when i have to drive any distance at all.

I just miss the things normal people do like hop in the car and go to work or run to the store without being terrified of being eizzy.

I exercise all the time and eat pretty healthy and don’t drink, etc. and follow the migraine diet for the most part and i’m still sick so it’s kinda depressing at times.

i have my ups and downs - luckily it’s not 24/7 bad bad but still.

Donna, thanks for responding.


Well this has been 13 yrs for me, and I am scared I wont find anything to help me! But I guess I must try! I live by Lake MIchigan and so cruize the beach all th time, well we USE to!

I do miss just being able to shop with my kids, for my kids, IF and when i DO go in a place, its in and out, no time to look or have fun …going to church is a struggle, I have to hold my hubbys hand to hlep me with balance and I am so sick of it!

Its depressing, I started the diet and of course feel NO BETTER at all, why on earth do we have to wait at least 6 weeks to see if it will work?

Dont this stuff get out of our bodys within days? I dont see this will help me at all , but I guess i have to try …


yes all we can do is TRY different things. I don’t do well with medicines so that’s a problem for me because there could be something that works but i’m afraid. Esp antidepressants!!! i feel very sick right now too. I hate it and i get really depressed off and on. I barely go anywhere except work and the gym when i’m well - i don’t socialize. i shop with my BF and sometimes have to hold on to him. I would love to go to church but can’t handle crowds. There are so many things i don’t do any more. I hope the diet helps you - it has helped some!!! I hope you DO get better. It’s so hard after so many years believe me i know!!!