Think I might have MAV.......any help

So in 2013 I was hit with horrendous vertigo, taken to the doctors and they diagnosed labyrinthitis…it didn’t go away and last year my doctor changed the diagnosis to Menieres purely on the fact I kept getting repeat bouts and it wasn’t getting any better.
I would have months where I was fine, then get dizzy spells again, then go months with nothing again. I saw an ENT then who gave me a few exercises to do but by this point I felt ok anyway so I didn’t really do them. I had an MRI to check for tumours in my ears which came back all clear.

My latest bout was at Christmas 2016, the dizziness came back and I had nausea again but with the symptoms I have now I’m starting to wonder if I have MAV . I saw another ENT back in June and am waiting to have the water testing done but no appointment yet.

The symptoms I am getting now are

  • head pressure but no headache
  • stiffness in my neck and base of my skull
  • light sensitivity
  • noise sensitivity
  • dizziness and feeling faint
  • nausea
  • anxiety
  • tinnitus

I’ve had these symptoms for about 6 days now.
I think if the dizziness would go I would be able to cope with everything else. I’m currently taking Prochloperazine and Paracetemol and tend to see improvements when on them but can tell when they are wearing off.

Does this sound like MAV?

Can I also add

  • I get eye floaters as well and have done for about 2 years but they are more noticeable when I’m having a bad time.
  • think I see objects moving
  • I get tired eyes a lot.
  • my head feels like it’s in a washing machine and I get brain fog…

There all done.