This condition

I am so bloody angry at this condition right now… I am 28 years old supposedly in the prime of my life and also my career… I have the dream job and the dream opportunities but MAV reared its ugly head at the most inopportune time… I have lived with this for a year and still struggle with it on a daily basis… mainly the anxiety gets to me more than the dizziness but I guess thats all part of the package!

I am really so f****** angry at this bull**** illness… Why do our brains even have the capability of entertaining such a crappy illness… honestly… I would rather have a broken leg, broken limb of any kind… possibly even cancer… but oh no, i get tarred with the brush of MAV, an invisibile illness that is such absolute crap its unbelievable…

Sorry guys, ranting I know, but ive had a few beers and right now I feel a bit of relief. I know tomorrow will be a different story, but live for the moment right!? haha

I hear you!! I feel the same way and I just want to rant and lash out too!. Why can’t it be recognized as a real illness and treated as such? Science is capable of amazing things. We can CLONE for gods sakes! Why can’t this illness be treated successfully? I don’t get it. Researchers figure they have better and bigger illness to go conquer but this one completely robs the sufferer of their happiness and life. I think it’s because it’s so invisible to others. We seem so normal on the outside. We can talk and walk ( sometimes) and nobody sees it as an issue. In fact, I’d be willing to bet most folks think I’m faking it or exaggerating. And that is so upsetting. I’m really NOT lazy by nature but this illness makes me SO tired and very unmotivated. I’ve lost friends. And frankly, I wouldn’t want to be my friend either. I can plan for anything so why call me? Beers help? Good to know. Which bar are you at, I’ll meet you! Lol :wink:

Let it out man!!

Life can fuckin suck sometimes, but it can also be amazing. I know it’s tough, but hang in there!!

Also, where are you at with dietary triggers and meds? I just recently finally pinned down corn - if you haven’t already done one a food diary might be worth it.