This is the best forum in the world with some amazing people

Who agrees? I know if it wasn’t for this forum I would be no where close to where I am now. Hats off to you Scott and Adam and the rest of you moderators not sure who else is a moderator here.

Yes, yes yes!!
This forum saved me and I’ve made some incredible friendships on here. I found support, education and a sense of belonging here. Many of you don’t know me since I’ve been mostly MIA for a while, but 3 years ago, this was my total lifeline.
Hugs to all,

yep, it’s saved my sanity on more than one occasion! (well, what there was left to save :lol: )

Thanks Nabeel. I have to add that the success of any forum depends on the input and support of its members, and so you all play a role in making this a great resource for anyone looking to understand what is happening to them and learning how to manage this beast.

Scott :slight_smile:

Agreed. Members play an important role but so do the easy functionalities of this forum. There r plenty of health forums out there that require membership fees, no private messaging, no writting doctor names or giving out personal phone numbers or email addresses. This forum is so liberal in that way and makes it so easy for each of us to communicate and give out the most accurate information. I also notice most if not all on this forum are quite successful in terms of their career hence we can all have interactive discussions and learn so much from each other and keep all the dum ads spammers away. Once well done to all mvertigo members. This forum kicks ass

Nabeel -agree wholeheartedly! I shudder when I think where I might be if I hadn’t found this forum and all the info & wonderful support from everyone.

I included the following in a recent email to Dr Granot:
“It is now two years since the debilitating migrainous vertigo began and one year since my consultation with you at Bondi Junction. My education and understanding regarding the migraine brain has been an ongoing learning curve, thanks in no small part to Scott’s work in providing a forum with exceptional ‘evidence based’ information from neurologists around the world who specialise in this area. I am just so thankful that we have some of those experts here in Australia.”

Me too - agree 100%

Without this forum I would have a very narrow understanding of migraine, let alone its management. Just knowing that other people out there ‘get’ what we go through is a huge support.

A big thanks to all who participate in this forum by providing their knowledge, experience and support. It helps us all immensely and advances awareness of these issues for chronic migraine sufferers and (I hope) those in the medical profession. Special mention to Scott for keeping the whole thing going and being a tireless campaigner for a science and evidence based approach.

Hope everyone has a happy, safe and migraine-free Christmas and new year! :smiley:

When you know there is something wrong with you, but there is “nothing wrong with you” according to all of the medical tests–and the doctors don’t seem to know what to do with you–the lonliness and fear seems to amplify things a hundred times over. It sounds so cliche, but knowing you aren’t the only one out there–and that other people really are feeling the SAME THINGS as you are is such a powerful thing. The calming effect of knowing that you aren’t alone is, in itself a treatment of sorts.

It isn’t a cure, but it sure does make it easier to cope, and with this–what do we call this thing? A disease? Disorder? Whatever…the coping is 90% of the battle.

This forum gives us power over the unknown of this affliction. I am no longer some hypochondriatic woman at the general practitioner who “thinks” she’s sick. Because I KNOW this is real, and because of the power of numbers, I’ve found the courage to find a specialist, and proper treatment–and I’m on my way to feeling at least somewhat in control of my life again.

Thank you Scott–and all for this wonderful site!!! It is a gift to and for many many frightened people across the world–and it is making a difference on a level you likely NEVER realized it would.


this forum is incredible- I have never met anyone else in person with MAV- so it helps to share information and also not feel so alone in this. I have learned so much from this that my drs. never shared with me, and now I know what questions I need to ask my drs. as well. Reading about peoples’ success stories (even when they are not specifically posted in that section) lifts my spirits SO MUCH, and gives me HOPE when I honestly wouldn’t have any. Thank you to everyone who contributes on here, and the moderators who make this all possible- it is VERY much appreciated!!!

Dolfnlvr sums it up perfectly for me…

— Begin quote from ____

I am no longer some hypochondriatic woman at the general practitioner who “thinks” she’s sick. Because I KNOW this is real, and because of the power of numbers, I’ve found the courage to find a specialist, and proper treatment–and I’m on my way to feeling at least somewhat in control of my life again.

— End quote

If TeeCee has never directed me to this forum from the Dizzy Times forum, (and thanks also to Tom Boismer there who mentioned MAV to me in the first place) and I never found you guys, I’d have never heard of Dr Surentherian and I may even have topped myself, I was that desperate and I know a lot of others have been there too.

So thank you to Scott, thank you to Adam, thank you to everyone who posts, regularly or every now and then, I owe you a lot myself. Thank you.

MM x

Yes, this has been a great source of information, comfort, and support. You can really feel sometimes like nobody understands you, but come here and you know everybody “gets it.” Even many doctors don’t know what a lot of us do because of what we’ve learned here - we’ve almost become “experts,” even though we never wanted to be! Scott and Adam have provided a great service, and so many have benefitted from it - certainly many more than we know, because not everyone who has this condition will sign up and post here, but will have read the wealth of information that can be found on this website.

It really is brilliant and there is no way I would have known I had MAV without it. I just wish I had found it sooner! xx