Those rushes of dizziness/vertigo? knock me about

Does anyone get the rushes ? Like a huge jolt of vertigo and it only last secs but you just cant move when it happens?
Its so scary I hate it Im shaking :frowning:

Welcome to my world. It kills me. I have these brain zaps mini vertigo attacks which for like a split second I feel like I’ve been electricuted at high voltage and then everything is wobbly and unstable afterwards.

Today is killing after the ones I had last night (see Night Terrors post) and my anxiety is starting to skyrocket at work as I’m worried something is on it’s way and going to happen to me.

I could cry/die right now. :cry:

I am familiar with sensations like that. I assume that they are a form of migraine aura.

Know how you feel muppo al we want is to live a normal bloody life ! see a new neuro next week i hope he has something new to try x

i have only had a handful of those in my life and they are scary enough to cause worry as to when will it strike again. seriously- will it happen when i am driving? (it has happened once, had to have my husband grab the wheel and slowly pull over)

but the constant 24/7 rockiness is what is killing/draining me. i wish my world would just be still again. i hope your doctor appointment goes well and you can get some answers!

Its weird i rarely get the rocking only a few times and yh its horrible just another nice symptom of this crap !

Hi Blondie,

I know exactly what you mean. I’m a 24/7 MaVVer, but I get these rushes that you talk about - I call them ‘attempted mini-spin attacks’ in my diary! :?
They last only a split second or so for me, and they have me grabbing to hold onto something ‘solid’ like my desk at work, or the sofa I’m sitting on, etc! It often feels like a massive vertigo spin is imminent, but this usually doesn’t materialise. They always ramp my anxiety up a few notches. Thankfully, they seem to be reducing in frequency since I’ve hit 50mg of Topamax, but still not completely gone :frowning:


I get those too. The descriptions ‘attempted mini-spin attacks’ fits perfectly! Not pleasant and definitely contributing to the anxiety. Hate when it happens while driving…it helps just to calm down and not to make a fuss out of them - easier said than done, I know…