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The well known Austrian Formula One Driver, Nikki Lauda, died today aged 70. He is famed for returning to the race track on’y 40 days after being badly burnt in an accident in 1976 and having given the Last Rites in his hospital bed. Watching a mention him on TV News today included one of his interviews following that crash. He was obviously aware of his receiving the Last Rites, mentioned how scared it had made him and stated that, at that point, how he really started to concentrate hard on getting better. He stated he felt he had no control over his body but he started to get control over his brain. Get control over the brain, he said, and then, eventually the body will follow. I immediately sensed parallels.

Billy Monger, a very young British - teenage? - professional driver who lost both his legs two years ago following a crash at Donington Park then paid a tribute to Lauda saying how much he had helped him over the last two years by mentoring him throughout his recovery because he could relate totally to his experience and with them both being passionate about recovery motivated by their desire to return to the track. Helen


Yes. Poor chap died quite young, despite his recovery - do we know he had complications?


90% of conquering MAV seems to be getting in control of the mental and emotional aspect.


The inhalation from the fire caused lung damage. think he’d lost one completely.
Yep, he certainly looked older. Poor chap as you say. Helen

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I know him from the movie “Rush”. RIP Nikki Lauda.

Soo true !

Just a reminder to all - seeking help with that is a very good idea. There is no shame in treating the mental and emotional aspects of MAV (or any chronic illness or maiming injury) just as completely and tenaciously as you would the physical aspects.