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Thought i was getting better but

Woke up with vertigo. I panicked and immediately got up and went down stairs and wasnt able to focus my eyes. It started to subside and i started smoking a cig to calm down and as soon as i inhaled it did it again and subsided after few sec. i questioned the last time i had it if it was really vertigo and it was me just panicking but well today confirms it. This is discouraging and frustrating. I called in today for work since i dont want to risk driving. Just a little rant for today.

We can all relate to that! We’ll have bad times, but up until this point you’ve been doing better, which is a plus. Use this day to examine what has changed in your habits. Can you think of anything? @Young_Lee

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It sounds like nicotine (or lack thereof) may be a trigger for you. The fact that you felt better immediately after smoking first thing in the morning tells me that a lack of nicotine may have been causing your brain some troubles. Kind of like when you don’t have your morning coffee and feel like shit until you do

Hi Young. Long time, no speak. I was only thinking of you a few days back whilst watching a UK TV programme entitled ‘Great Alaskan Rail Journeys’. What a place. Diverse cultures. Amazing scenery. Not too keen on the bears though. Only real complaint was little boats on lots of river gave me visual vertigo but I can’t blame you for that. Sorry to hear you’re suffering. Seems quite alot of relapses about at present. I’ve just had my first major attack in over three years. Guess it just reminds us of MAV’s chronicity. Helen

Sorry to hear man. Focus on your triggers. Did you eat anything out of the normal in the last 24 hours ? Did you get good sleep ? I thought the diet was a joke and focused primarily on meds. But i am seeing subtle changes if i adhere to the HYH diet. On a side note MAV or not you need to quit smoking and it definitely helps keeping MAV under control.


Yeah, sorry to hear too … thoughts are with you … but also don’t over play it. Your mental reaction always determines if it’s amplified in significance or not. How did you feel afterwards - have you got that attack hangover?

I would echo @GetBetter … try to stay closer to the diet and those cigarettes have to go at some point? …

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@Dizzyexplorer. Naw. I cant think of any besides i think i slept on my bad side. Right ear.

@BHMaloney. I would not say i felt better after smoking. I had vertigo again after the first inhale which makes sense because i read somewhere the smoke travels to the ear.

@Onandon03 sorry helen that you had relapse. I cant imagine and mine sounds like a baby story compare to your 72 hrs onea.

@GetBetter. I always eat out of the norm lol. Ever since i started ami, i dropped the diet and started eating like crazy and everything i can get a hold of. You are right about smoking. I need to quit. What is a hyh diet? Disregard that question. I just looked it up

@turnitaround my mental towards this beast is alot better. After the vertigo, i layed down for a while and fell asleep for good 3 hours. Head kind of hurts but that could be because i slept too much. Yep i need to quit smoking for sure

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Also has the weather changes been radical in Alaska ?..i recently found barometric pressure to be a potent trigger for me.

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The weather here is unpredictable. The barometric can be all over the place. Sometimes it can be 30 degrees and drop down to single digits withina a day and stay like that for a while.

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Yes, Young, please try to quit. I know it is very hard to do but it can’t be good for MAV. And we know there are lots of other health risks associated with smoking. Depending on how it affects your MAV, you may have to taper off (just like with most of the drugs), instead of quitting cold turkey.


Hey Young!

  • Likewise with the breaking off from smoking as everyone has pointed out and you’ve noticed. I get a slight headache/dizzy from even smelling it.
  • Sleeping on my left ear will also cause me to get dizzy, so I DEFINITELY understand resting on a bad ear for a bit will cause undesirable effects.
  • The diet is key and is another way we can control how we feel without mysterious acts of nature.
  • Lastly, the weather-- barometric pressure usually hits me the most when it’s raising; I use Weather Underground as an app to look at every so often to see if I’m just “being crazy with symptoms” or if the BP is rising. And also Incoming rain/snow will act it up.

@Space_Cadet. Yea. Most likely combo of all those. I have been eating crap for the last few months and working out with heavy weights (dirty bulking). Going to cut down on everything and take it easy for a while.

Eeek … not a fan of straining whilst living with a potential inner ear condition at all … last time I lifted a load of heavy boxes I got vertigo.

Since taking it easy I’ve not had vertigo since. YMMV

The last time I carried my microwave from one room to another was The Last Time, Ever!
I had several days in which to repent of such folly at my leisure, Helen

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@turnitaround Yea it’s weird. i was lifting for months and had no problem On the day of that morning, i have done 8 sets of squats. It’s probably the combo of over eating really bad over that weekend and the straining.

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The combo will do it. There’s a breaking point in there somewhere; at least you know you can do 1 or the other still! Just have to be careful with how you juggle the 2.

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Well, it’s been about a month after the relapse and still getting worse. Head feeling weird, imbalance, mini drop attack feeling, all coming back. I did however upped the dosage of my ami by 10mg so i am at 40mg. I had to up the dosage because i don’t think i could have worked the way i was before and seeing that some people here is on 50mg, Hopefully all these symptoms are from upping the dose. I’m considering even going up to 50mg and i am going to assume it will take months for me to get back to my baseline. Sigh

I feel for you i really do. Its so disheartning when we have set backs. Same as yourself im upping my neds to see if i can get better relief of symptoms but my overdue Botox treatment is out of my hands
Hope you feel better soon

Hope you feel better too Joanne.

Don’t be discouraged. Sometimes you can stay on the same dose and things will get better. If you continue to get worse then increase dose.

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