Thoughts on Nori and Effexor

Hi! I’ve been on Nori for quite some time now. I’m on 50mg and also on 15mg of Citalopram. I have had some improvements. But I still have 24/7 dizziness/ off equilibrium, brain fog, etc. Basically, it’s just helped me somewhat. Most of my symptoms are still there and my quality life is not nearly what it was before this all hit 3-4 years ago.

My question is this – I’m on 50mg, yes I’ve had some improvement, but not too much. Should I try to continue to increase to see if I get more relief? Some people metabolize it differently I’ve heard, and some people need a higher dose. Or does that seem like a sign that maybe I should scratch it and try something new altogether?

I would also like to hear thoughts about Effexor. There’s a site I love to use…I think it’s But some people say they swear by it. And I’ve heard Dr. Hain does as well. Can I just switch out the Nori for Effexor? I currently am in the middle of finding a new doctor.

I’m just trying to figure out if I should continue with the Nori since it’s in my system already, or try something new. Advice would be greatly appreciated!

I will be in my senior year at LSU fall semester and I’d like to have a big improvement. It’s going to be a rough year, and I’ll be applying for some dietetic internships. I don’t feel like I’ll be able to do one in this condition.

Thanks and I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

<3 Stace

Hi Stace,

Happy Easter! I am glad to hear you have had some improvement in your symptoms but sorry that you still don’t have fully symptom resolution. This is a tough question that you ask and a time sensitive decision as it seems like you would like to really make some gains before senior year begins.

I have not taken nortriptyline and I do hope that others with nortriptyline knowledge will chime in. Just to help us clarify, can you tell us a bit more specifically about what you think the nort has done for you? Also, what is the celexa for and do you think that is helping in any way?

You could do lots of things in your scenario of course. You cannot just swap effexor for nort but taking both is safe to do in my experience. Talk to your own doctor about this of course. So, if you go the effexor route, you could add that while tapering off the nort. I was also wondering if you would consider increasing the celexa to see if that could be of benefit to you since you know you tolerate it already and many on the forum have had results with this med as well. And of course, you could just keep going with the nort. When I spoke to Dr. Rauch, he seems to feel that for the majority of his patients see results at 50-75 mg, but of course there are lots of exceptions to this as we have seen on the forum time and time again. And I am not sure how much progress they need to see at 50 mg for him to continue them along this route.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Hi Stace,
I had success previously with Celexa. It wasn’t 100% but so much better and I could function again. I’m on Prozac now and while it has dialed down the dizzies, I’m getting more headaches so I might switch to Celexa.

I was going to suggest what Lisa did–increasing the Celexa to a therapeutic dose, which I was told is 20mg. You’re so close to that now that you might try just bumping to 20mg and see how that does after a couple weeks.

I’d be more inclined to try upping the dose on one of the meds you are on before tapering down of one med to switch to another one.

I agree - you’ve come so far so kp pushing up until u know for sure they’re not working for you then switch to plan b.

I’m going up to 30mg Nort 2nite!!!


hi, I 'd keep upping the dosage it won’t do any harm …also you may be the patient who needs another drug added to the mix. It bodes well though that you are seeing an improvement.


FYI - I’m being successfuly treated on effexor (90% improved). I only mention this as I was prescribed double the dosage (150 mg.) Dr. Hain normally recommends for his patients. At 75 mg. I was only marginally better and Hain asked me if I wanted to try a higher dosage. The point here is that none of these drugs were initially developed to treat MAV and we all respond to them a litle differently. . . its all trial and error. I wish you the best of luck. As Lisa posted you need to work closely with your MD regarding any changes to meds. Best of luck to all.


Thank you so kindly for y’alls thoughts and opinions!
Lisa and Anne
Yes, yes, yes. I would loveeee to be at a much better place for my senior year. Due to medical problems I am a wee bit behind. I had to take off a semester, and I had several semesters where I was too sick to attend and had to drop classes. I should have graduated in 2010.

Well, since I’ve been on meds I do have some better days. But I had days like that before I was on meds. I guess what has really helped is the Citalopram. I love the stuff! It’s great. It really helped save my life anxiety wise. I haven’t had a panic attack since it had really settled into my system. I’ve been on Citalopram for I believe a little over a year. I tried going up to, I can’t remember, I believe it was 40mg. But it really didn’t work for me. I was really feeling apathetic towards everything and I would have been miserable on that dose. 15mg has been a pretty good spot for me. It doesn’t help me with dizziness or anything but brings the anxiety down a bit. Although when I’m having really bad days like I am now, I need something like a benzo to take. The doctor I was seeing wouldn’t give me a benzo because he said they were “addictive.”

The Nori helped each time whenever it was just getting in my system. When I felt high off of it – I guess that’s what it was – I felt great. I just felt good and felt more motivated and could concentrated better. Now I feel like it helps a little with that.

Nothing has touched the dizziness/weird visual or memory loss aspect. I’ve tried these two meds and Topamax – and I think that stuff should be illegal. I’ve heard it works for some people, but the amount of side effects its known for - I think they should do away with the stuff.

Do y’all know of any meds similar to Citalopram that maybe I could try? I feel like it’s a great drug, but just didn’t do the trick. When I was initially increasing it I felt like it would really help me out. In the end it only really helped with the anxiety aspect. I’ve gone up and down a couple times with Citalopram and find 15mg works best. Actually, at just 5mg more I get that constant and unsatisfiable hunger feeling. I don’t like that.

Good luck with the Nori! I really hope it helps!

I’m thinking the same thing. Since I’m already on it, I might as well keep increasing it because it’ll take forever to slowly decrease then start another med.

Thanks for the encouragement. I think Effexor will be my next choice if Nori fails. I have to find a doctor as I got frustrated with my last doctor and I’ve moved so he’s a bit away.

Also, what do you guys think about green tea? I’ve been drinking it every single day now for the past while. I’m wondering if it’s hindering me from progressing because of the caffeine. The problem is the chronic fatigue I deal with and I can drink green tea without getting dizzy. I’m wondering though if it’d be better to cut the caffeine. That’d be so hard!

Thanks so much you guys!

Also Ed,
Did you have problems with weight gain on the Effexor? I’ve gained about 15-20lbs on this Nori/Citalopram mix and it is driving me crazy! I’ve been skinny and an athlete most of my life. If I do change meds, I want to find one that doesn’t cause weight gain. I’ve been eating, back to running and working out and I weighed myself this morning - gained weight. Uggg. It’s so annoying! If the meds were actually helping it’d be a different story. I wouldn’t be so bothered.

Hey Stacey
What about trying lexapro? It’s similar to celexa but supposedly more new and improved…
Otherwise I think effexor worth a shot? If these meds don’t do the trick, you might want to consider a different class of meds… Maybe with the antidepressants this is as far as it goes? I would try to find a doctor who considers benzos a part of therapy for thus malady.
Good luck!!


I had no issues with weight gain on effexor. The worst of the side effects for me is constipation. It also has certian sexual side effects, mainly delayed orgasm. . . and can lower, or increase, libido.


Thanks guys! I will definitely give Lexapro and Effexor some thought if the Nori fails me. I’ll see what the doct I’m to see in May thinks. If I try something else I definitely would like to be on one that isn’t so bad with weight gain. I know it shouldn’t be so much of a concern, but I’m a young college student, I can’t help but worry about it. Especially because I am about to get my degree in Dietetics. When I’m looking for interns and a job, I would like people to see that I practice what I preach, you know what I mean? I will eventually be counseling clients on certain diets that will help them in their nutrition deficiencies. I feel like when I’m looking for a job, and if I’m a complete fatass, it’ll be more difficult to be hired. Sorry, I’m rambling. I’m just very stressed out about my final year coming up, and going out into the REAL world where I’ll be working in hospitals and such. Ahhhhhhhh, stress. Really hope I can find a med to help!

Thanks so much for the advice!