Thoughts on this theory?

Forgive my post-dizzy testing, sleep deprived ramble, but something really struck me all of a sudden and I have been ruminating about it since. I’m curious what others think, as well as if there is already some good info on this that exists.

I have persistent migraine aura like a handful of others here, as well as some of the constant weird non-migrainous eye issues like blue field entoptic phenomenon. I had a rather large “big bang” that started this latest bout of chronic dizziness, and that’s when these other visual things started too. I have racked my brain over and over about WHY then for these symptoms and never before, and why do some others on this board have the same issues in what seems like a disproportionately high frequency. Blue field entoptic phenomenon is NORMAL from what I can gather, for example, not pathological, and yet while many non-migraineurs who can see it go “Oh yeah, hey look at that!” and then quickly ignore it again, some of us here are overtaken with the intensity of it on a chronic basis.

Couldn’t this just be yet another example of the sensory amplification that comes with migraine? What if that is really simply what it all boils down to? We know sensory amplification occurs in so many forms in migraine already - photophobia, phonophobia, osmophobia, allodynia… so is it a far fetched idea to assume that some of these chronic visual distortions are just amplified normal physiologic things? Do eye floaters bother us more not because we have more floaters than the average person, but because it is our brains amplifying this crap along with everything else? I am NOT meaning things like scintillating scotoma and such that is pretty well documented, but rather the more vague and persistent visual symptoms that doctors tend to shrug their shoulders at after an eye exam is totally normal.

I’m sure this idea is not original, and apologize if it has been discussed already. I feel pretty brain foggy at the moment so my normal search skills and such are not up to par right now.

Hi D4L,

I completely agree with you… Migraine is when the brain cannot cope with all the sensory input it’s recieving. As we have chronic migraine, it would make sense that perhaps ‘blue field entoptic phenomenon’ could be in some cases, down to perpetual migraine.

I have had HD vision for years. I have seen some of the top eye doctors in the world. They tell me there is nothing wrong with my eyes. It is the brain. I have no doubt that it is chronic migraine causing my daily HD vision.

I might just get myself a cape, wear my knickers on the outside of my trousers and refer to myself as HD Girl.

Good luck xx


As you r aware i too suffer from PMA. your question is v difficult for me to answer cz i never thought or felt or saw or noticed any of this visual crap before getting PMA. its only after i got PMA and VM did i start seeing all this visual shit including blue field. however once i found the med that reduced my VM symptoms, i was able to ignore all my PMA symptoms which still exist and have not reduced since onset. basically ive gotten used to it for the moment. one thing that really helped me in my journey of ignorance was controlling my anxiety over all this. once u get ur anxiety in control with or without meds the pma shud not bother u anymore . it just becimes more of a nuisance than anything else but u get used to it. i know this does not answer question but thiught i wud filll in any way. goood luck

It doesn’t bother or upset me anymore, but remains a curiosity as to why a subset of us have this thing. I didn’t think I saw any entoptic phenomena before this either, but I kind of wonder if it was there and I simply didn’t notice it because the sensation was so much weaker then… and maybe I only became consciously aware of it due to sensory amplification. I started asking “normal” people awhile ago out of curiosity to see if anyone else could see these types of visual distortions. In a high percentage of people, they were able to see it after knowing what to look for, and then were easily able to forget all about it after finding it. I know that is FAR from any scientific evidence, but does at least confirm in my mind that some things may be amplified normal phenomena… at least in some cases.