Threshold and future migraines

Hi All,

Im 8 weeks in and have been on meds for 4 (ENDEP 20mg)

We have all read a lot about VM/MAV, and as I did, I became intrigued about the threshold theory.

A question I asked myself (we all ask) was ‘Am I going to get this again?’

After reading about threshold theory, I -sort of- cannot be too surprised my system crashed.
I think I counted 14 common/potent triggers for migraine (which I didnt know I was stacking up) the days before I became dizzy, motion sick, confused with visual alterations.

Ive never had a migraine and my family is without it also.

my question is: Would I need to stack up the same amount of trigger potentials in the future (after my brain has settled) to break through my threshold (apparently genetically fixed?) or would it take much less?

Ive read Dr Bucholz’s book. It was good, but diet hasn’t brought me back to my baseline.

I also wonder: Will symptoms change in the future ? i.e. once you have a VM it stays VM or can it go to classic migraine?
can anyone provide some input please?

Many thanks.