Thyroid issues and MAV?


So, I was wondering if anyone else has suffered from something similar that triggered their MAV. My first vertigo episode happened about a year after my son was born, it was a hard pregnancy and birth. I had a lot of emotional ups and downs after he was born. Then the vertigo started and the constant lightheadedness and dizziness. My TSH level has always been normal, but recently a doctor tested my TPO level (thyroid peroxidase test)…for those of you who don’t know this…it tests to see if your levels are normal. If they are high, it means that your body is producing antibodies that attack your thyroid and create a lot of problems. The range was 0-34 and my test came back at over 600. The doctor said that I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis…can this have anything to do with MAV? And if it is a hormonal problem, will taking hormones help alleviate the problem or do I still need to take some type of antidepressant or other drug?

Thanks for any insight!

I had Graves Disease (hyperthyroid), which was diagnosed soon after my MAV was. I had a radioactive iodine treatment where they killed off part of my thyroid, so now I am hypothyroid and have to take thyroid medication every day (very easy, no side effects). I did feel a little better after I got my thyroid regulated, but it wasn’t until I went off the birth control pill last fall that I felt a lot better (I truly think that’s what mostly caused my MAV). Even with my high hormones levels while pregnant now, I still feel well most of the time.

Honestly, I don’t know if the two were connected, or how they were connected, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. I don’t know much about Hashimoto’s, but I hope you can start getting treatment soon and feel better :slight_smile:

I have often wondered this as I started to get ill in more ways than just the migraine at the same time as a thyroid test showed my thyroid antibodies to be exceptionally high. Over the last 20 years I have always tested high on the antibodies but the TSH is within the normal for the NHS. My thyroid has gone over slightly a couple of times, after an operation but always normalised TSH wise. I also have low B12 (often goes hand in hand with thyroid).

I think I had my first vertigo attack a few years before they found the thyroid antibodies but they could have been there then for all I know. I have my TSH tested every 6 months and it is always around the 1.1 to 1.6 mark although you just cant get the NHS to do the FT3 and FT4 and these are supposed to be better markers.



Were you able to find anything that helps with your MAV issues? I, too, have low B12…and am trying Nortriptyline, but if it’s a thyroid issue, I worry that the drug won’t help that!


Hi Kim,

No, having tried over 20 preventatives over the years nothing worked very well. One or two gave some relief but not much.
I have also been diagnosed with CFS but what is CFS? Just a name to a set of symptoms they cant get to the bottom of. I found hormones played a big part over the years and all the hormones connect so who knows. I did the cortisol saliva test 4 times and had low cortisol, that is the adrenals and they are connected to the thyroid as well.

Insomnia has always been a big problem and a lot of the preventatives made it worse. I also find that although everything points to low serotonin, when I use anything to raise it I get worse, I get mood swings etc.

I get by most of the time with halves of painkillers throughout the day, my severe vertigo attacks are nearly always before or after a severe migraine so I can see the connection there.

Its great that some people get a lot of relief from a preventative or more nowadays it seems from a combination of two. That is something I need to try out.