I have antibodies to the thyroid, thyroid swings back and forth. Urine sample years ago sent to Belgium showed low thyroid but the blood tests on the NHS show the TSH as normal, although reference ranges in the UK are wider than in USA.

I did the saliva cortisol tests 3 times. Each time, my cortisol was very low at lunchtime and at bedtime. I got the adrenal antibodies test done on the NHS which was normal then an ACTH test which was normal.

I fit all the criteria for adrenal fatigue. I think its difficult when there are the basic NHS tests which as long as you are “just within a range” suggest that everything is normal. Then there are all these private tests (which the NHS wont accept or believe in) which say otherwise.


Yes, I have a low thyroid. I take medication for it.

I know another member on here does also.

Is there a connection to migraine?