Tightness in throat from Paxil

Hi Everyone again,

I’m having some strange side effects from Paxil and I’m thinking of stopping it today. I’ve been experiencing this tightness in my throat and chest, like it’s hard to breath a little. Has anyone who’s been on Paxil felt that? I wonder if it will pass? My pharmacist thinks it’s anxiety but it’s not…

Emma :frowning:

Hi Emma,

Bummer about the tightness. Are you certain it’s not some sort of anxiety? A friend of mine gets an anxiety reaction sometimes that sounds exactly as you describe with tightness in her upper chest and this weird feeling when she swallows. She feels kind of restricted in the throat. Can you hang on a little longer to see if it passes?

Cheers … Scott

ps I’ll be on Skype all morning if you want to have a chat.