Tingling on face

Hello. I am new to the forum. Trying to gather information to help myself and prepare for upcoming appt with neuro.

I am recovering from a 3 day vertigo episode. My episodes are headache free. I stay in bed the whole time and mostly sleep. No appetite.

I was able to sit on the couch yesterday, eat a bit, and wash clothes to be ready to come back to work today. At work today I am moving slow and sudden movements of the head or looking up and down from papers to computer screen make me feel a bit woozy.

New symptom this afternoon…I am feeling a little tingly on the lower part of the face…chin, lower cheek. This is similar to how I feel after a neck adjustment at the chiro.

Any thoughts?
Much appreciated.


Now weird…a few minutes later there is tingling on top of the head…scalp.

What is this?


Hi Emma,

Just wanted to make a quick post to reply to say I often get the face tingles- although mine are usually nose&gums.
I also have the scalp tingles, and sometimes after a shower it feels like someone’s been pulling chunks of my hair out… I read in Heal your Headache that all of these symptoms are migraine… Unfortunately just another marvellous set of symptoms for us. Still, not the worst though :slight_smile: ill take weird tingles over room spinning any day.

Hope your tingling subsides but please try not to worry- it sounds very ‘normal’ for us I think xx