Tingling on your back?

Have any of you experienced tingling in the middle of your back? I have it in the center/between my shoulder blades and it feels like the skin is tingling or sometimes hot. My neurologist said most people experience tingling it in their extremities or face so doesn’t know what to think of it. Any ideas?

I get that! In fact I get tingling all over my body, seems worse on a bad mav day & when I’m upping my drugs - mentioned it to Dr S he said its either the meds or being super aware of my body as apparently us migraines can be! X

Hi Anna,

Thanks for responding! I’ve gotten the tingling all over a few times but feel it more frequently on my back…there’s usually a low grade tingling there off and on during the day but I’m with you, if I have a bad mav day or moment I get very pronounced tingling.