Hey guys,

A new symptoms has crept in for me this week – tingling in my lower arms and into my little fingers. I don’t know if this is migraine crap or a result of the yoga from twisting myself all over the place. It really only started yesterday. This from the Survival Guide:

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A person with MAV may present in several ways. Someone who has migraine with aura (visual symptoms, numbness or tingling, motor dysfunction) will typically report distinct vertigo attacks, usually lasting minutes to hours associated with nausea that can occur before, during, or after the onset of dizziness.

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Do any of you guys experience tingling that comes and goes?

Thanks :shock:

Yep yep!
It’s settled a bit latley with less migrianes , but I have tingling pins and needles from the elbo to the fingers every day.
it’s migraine Scott.
My migraine morphed into this, after giving up effexor and has never gone away.


yep - at the moment the top of my left arm is tingling from mid arm (above elbow) to the tips of my middle 3 fingers - the tingling is almost “in time” with my tinnitus which is a bit creepy :lol:

Great. :lol:

Another wonderful side dish is placed on the MAV table. I have this exact same tingling from the elbow down to the little finger and slightly hitting the ring finger as well. Worse on the right side right now.

Tingling below the neck is a new thought to me. I have had tingling occasionally long before my condition got out of control, but it would be around my head and even down into the top of my shoulder but never below that. Learning the migraine can affect below the neck makes me think it could be possible. It does sound like a vascular response, but with the beginning of your yoga exercise at this point I would be likely to think it may be a nerve response from the exercise from the stretches. I think time will help clarify.

Yep to the tingling… usually between my elbows and fingers. Will happen occasionally but I notice if I walk on the treadmill it is guaranteed to happen. Sometimes after a long walk I will get the sensation.

Glad I’m normal.

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Glad I’m normal.

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Er nope - sorry to disappoint you but you’re as abnormal as the rest of us :lol:

Ha ha… well at least I couldn’t have been with a better group in all our abnormalness. :lol:

Hey Burd – I think it’s still very possible that the yoga could be behind this. I’m very tight in the muscles around the pectoral area which could be aggravating the nerves that run through there and down to the hands. I keep rolling a tennis ball on the area to loosen it up.

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I have this exact same tingling from the elbow down to the little finger and slightly hitting the ring finger as well.

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This is exactly how to describe the tingling I experience in both arms, non-stop every day for almost three years. When things are bad, my face tingles too. This all started the day after an ENG that threw me for a loop, and it never went away.

Scott -

I’m going through physical therapy right now - PT really means Pain and Torture - and they inflict some new pains in addition to the ones I’m seeing them for! I experienced tingling of my “pinkie” and ring fingers, so mentioned it to therapist (in addition to the other pains - they want to know what kind of “impression” they’ve made on you since the last torture session). Happened on both hands at the same time but didn’t last long; after I thought about it, I was able to connect it to leaning on arms of a certain chair for awhile, and therapist said it’s probably ulnar nerve that for many people gets irritated because of the way it lays in the notch in the elbow. I was told that many people wake up with that tingling from sleeping with the arm bent a certain way, usually over the head - some people just can’t do things with arms overhead for any length of time because this will irritate it. Don’t know if this applies here, but thought I’d mention it.

I too have tingling, particularly down my left arm and hand. I’ve even had it spread to my left leg! It’s certainly a very strange sensation. Luckily, this seems to have reduced in the last few months - could it be since I’ve stopped caffeine/chocolate?? The timing seems right.

Tingling in the little finger and ring finger for years, tingling at the base of the neck on one side same, tingling in both or one of the temples same, tingling in the chin or roof of mouth or tongue. Most of this is all gone since the bad migraines have reduced.
Mostly top of mouth and tongue very slightly now, so I would say, it just goes hand in hand with migraine.

Still get tingling and pins and needles in the coccyx area and referred to the ankles but this is a completely different issue.


Tingling here too. It’s proportional to how migrainous I’m feeling. Right cheek, right arm more than left arm, both knees and ankles. Feels like if I could just find the right position for my arms it would go away but of course that’s not it. Recently took a two day long test I was stressed about, and the arm tingling was so bad I kept thinking my fingers must surely be turning blue/black and about to fall off or something. Feeling went away after test.

Constant tingling and crackling/electrical buzzing in my hands, feet, arms, shouldres, face, head…

Tingling from elbow to pinky/ring finger is usually caused by inflammation in the nerve that runs through/near your humorous (i.e. the funny bone). Yoga in weird positions would’ve very likely caused the irritation you are describing. It can take up to 4 weeks to resolve.

Unfortunately also common as we age…comes with the bending of the elbow and the wear and tear of the joint over time. sigh

Then you add meds that involve tingling as a side effect (topamax) and any other weird neurological issues you may be dealing with–voila…fun afternoon for all.

Happy hand shaking :wink:

I get bilateral tingling in the arms, alway both at once, and occasionally in my legs, again both at once. Recently, I’ve been also feeling tingling in my face ears, and scalp. These usually happen with a dizzy ‘spell’. Sometimes, I’ll have a ‘spell’ without a paresthesia, as these feelings are called. If the attack is really intense, I also get nausea. I also get migraines, without dizziness on different times.

Neurologist says it’s not ms (thank God), and vng testing to follow later this week. I’m still not officially diagnosed, but with my migraine history, I suspect MAV brought on by a hormonal medication. :oops:

Definitely the Topamax that started this off for me. Tingling in all fingers. Stretching helps.

I’ve had chronic tingling in my toes since back in late January. It started while I was tapering off Effexor. (At that point I was on 75 mg/day - didn’t seem to be helping, and my health insurance co. was going to charge more because I was on Effexor…) Anyhow, it started then and hasn’t gone away. I’m blaming the Effexor for having thrown in a new symptom. My neurologist is REALLY skeptical, though. She had me do some bloodwork testing for a zillion other possibilities. All of which came back normal, of course. Anyhow, during the whopping 2 weeks I lasted on my trial of Lyrica a few weeks ago, the tingling got even worse. Now that I’m back off the Lyrica, though, the tingling has gone back to the level it was at before the Lyrica. I have to say it’s REALLY annoying to always feel like my toes are falling asleep. :roll: