Tinned Tomatoes

So last night i got the kitchen to myself and thought i’d make myself something lovely. I don’t have any foods i’m not allowed with migraine and haven’t done for a year - although i added back in cherry tomatoes at lunch and have been ok.

I made aubergine, red pepper, courgette, garlic, olives and tinned tomato stew type thing with fresh coriander.
One bowl in i was much dizzier and spaced than ive been in ages.

Now, i was watching a different high res TV but i’ve woken up this morning with what i can only describe as a hangover and am very shifty vision wise - more than normal. I am on my period at the moment but i wasn’t like this all day!

Does anyone else have a problem with tinned food? Tinned toms?

I have suspected these in the past. I couldn’t understand why I would have a bad day after eating spag bol which I made with good ingredients plus the tinned tomatoes. Same thing when my husband made his mince dish with added tinned tomatoes. I am still not sure, but it looks likely.


Everyone’s different but tin tomatoes are fine for me. Without them there would be literally no dinners I could make myself! No curries, no spag bol (also my fav), no chilli. Hopefully it’s just your period causing the dizzies!!!

Dunno about tinned tomatoes, but two thoughts.

Could it be that the cherry tomatos you added back in are a smaller quantity than the amount of tomato you fed yourself in the stew?

Do you know you’re okay with olives? I was warned against them. (I do use plenty of olive oil, which I assumed is not on the restricted list.)

Hi Whosthatchick,

Well tomato’s are completely out for me! shocking reaction! I do miss my spag bol, taco’s etc… I use red kidney beans instead “blizzed” with veg oil, garlic, herbs, I use the mixture as a pizza base, for tacos, etc… its the best replacement I’ve found. I have read that If you are sensitive to tomato’s but still want to eat them fresh is best, so grow your own!!

All the best

Tinned toms out for me too! Dinner at local Indian restaurant (Butter chicken) haven’t had that for 3 yrs - very mild but
forgot to check ingredients. Felt lousy all night. Will stick with fresh baby toms which I’m OK with.

Clarityseeker how are you going with Lexapro? I’m staying on 100mg Topamax and 30mg Cymbalta and am about 80%. I don’t want to go any higher because I still have nausea side effect from Cymbalta but at the moment prepared to live with it because my balance and visual vertigo are so much better.

barb that is wonderful! how long have u been on the cymbalta for? has it improved your balance a lot? sorry to hear about the nausea side effect- hopefully that will go away in time?

Hi Barb,
Lexapro is going well, I’m currently on 15mg in the evening. The Nuros were hoping that along with the 100 mg of Topamax I would be up around 95%. Hormones just seem to get in the way with that one!! Cymbalta was a killer for nausea for me too, good luck with it, at least you know there are other options. I’m not due to go back for 3 months to the neuro - then they wanted to discuss lowing meds to eventually coming off all together! (you could of knocked me over with a feather!) They feel that if I continue with my new “lifestyle” I maybe alright. I’m not to confident. We will see in 3 months. I have become very dependent on the meds, I don’t want to go backwards. I’m sure it will all be done slowly etc… will keep you posted. Hope you had a great Christmas and new year. :smiley:

clarityseeker im no expert or anything but honestly i wouldnt stop the meds unless you are getting horrible side effects. from what i have seen on this board once people stop the meds the symptoms usually always do come back, its more of a question of when they will then if they will. what % are you on your combo now? how long have u been on the meds for?

I’m now on my 6th week of Cymbalta at 30mg and still feeling very nauseous every day. Because it has helped visual vertigo, particularly car travel, I have been hoping that my body would get used to this med and the nausea would settle. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be happening. Pity about missing out on yummy Xmas goodies (those that are allowed!!)

Thanks for the info re Lexapro - did it help balance and visual vertigo? Cymbalta helped right from day one - was this the case for you with Lexapro? I was stunned that your neuro feels that you could titrate off your meds when you have only just got things sorted out. I thought the usual option was a year on the optimum dose before trying to come off the meds? Don’t stress too much tho - am sure your docs wouldn’t push you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Although I"m doing quite well I know my migraine is well & truly still there - triggers like being over tired, weather changes, exercising too much, etc. can still cause my balance to worsen and headaches, neck/back to spasm.

Hope 2014 will be a better year for you both.

wow barb- you felt a difference from the first day on cymbalta? which of your meds seems to be most effective? sorry about the nausea, is it so bad that you throw up? when i first had all this i had constant nausea for months which i think i prolonged by taking xanax every night for a year. i found that eating little bits throughout the day really helped me. i think there is a med out there called zofran that people use for nausea that might be helpful? I also tried ginger candies and all that but not sure if those really helped, could have been placebo helping a little. do u think u will go up any higher on the cymbalta?

Hi everyone,

I’m new on this site, although I go on dizzy times a lot. I have recently been diagnosed with MAV after 20 years of vertigo on and off!
I have also been on the migraine diet but the one from Dr Surenthiran in the UK, the 6 C’s although I’ve added tomatoes, onions and peanut butter to the list! I certainly feel that tomatoes have possibly triggered an attack, although I also had onions and peanut butter on the same day! Also I’ve included eggs as I think these are definitely a problem for me. Dr S advised eggs could be for some people.

This is a mine field isn’t it? Especially eating out or going to friends houses!