Tinnitus and Ear Pressure

Glad I made you laugh. True story though. ‘Dizzy as a duck’, eh, Well, you and me both kid. Why is it do you suppose. And there was me abt to reach out for a packet of Effexor. Well everybody else did! Today you aren’t an advert for it. Managed to think of any reason, for your current dizzies? Just overdone it, or ? I did long walk Monday but felt fine til later on Tuesday. Doesn’t usually last more than two days with me these days but it’s still around. Grr! I am still steady ‘underneath’ it all but even watching TV News made me feel queer teatime - verging on visual vertigo and balance off. More than a bit miffed,

@janb. Infuriating, and some! Helen

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Over doing it Helen for me…I have my elderly mum in hospital so i have work then hospital visits every day for the last 10 days…its stressful and that is one of my main triggers.
Jo xx

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Glad to c u well jan :slight_smile: I would say as an nhs patient I found dr s very dismissive but as a private patient he was slot better . I was always told ear pain and pressure was part of mav and that’s where the brain stem is or something like that . Either way glad to hear the dizzies have gone :slight_smile:

Hi Amy
I agree - when I saw him first as a private patient Dr S was much more interested but I guess he has so many NHS patients to see and as I am much improved he just wants to make sure all is well. I did feel a bit rushed though :face_with_raised_eyebrow: . I am sure when I first saw him Dr S said the head and ear pressure were part of the whole MVBD package but I was in a bit of a state that day and may have misunderstood. I can still add an extra pill onto my daily allowance if things don’t improve re the ears. I shall try to see an ENT too just in case there is something else going on. Today I have bought myself a multi-vitamin for the over 50s lol so hopefully that will do some good @Onandon03. I thought I looked like a ghost today - very pale - so I slapped on some CC cream and felt instantly better. I hope you are doing okay too Amy :slightly_smiling_face:
@Jojo65 - that is very stressful - poor you. Just before I was hit by this I was rushing backwards and forwards to see my mum and mum-in-law in hospital in between work, and the whole thing was a nightmare and I think it definitely contributed to my demise! Stress in definitely one of my triggers too. Jan x

@Jojo65 hope your mum gets better. Sending love.

Thank you so much…you and everyone on this site are SO thoughtful…:heart:
Jo x


I agree I think if he feels your better then maybe he is less likely to spend as much time , good news is ur doing very well which is amazing ! I’m sure the ear pressure will go down over time :slight_smile: I’m doing ok better than I was however I suspect dr s will add another med in when I see him in December we shall see . Due to go away in 2 weeks for a month so hoping il be all ok till then :raised_hands:t3::blush: and hoping the trip does me good xx

That’s great Amy - I am sure getting away will do you the power of good! :grinning: Are you seeing Dr S as a private patient again? I am tempted to do that. :thinking: Jan xx

Thanks so much jan :slight_smile: fingers crossed maybe itl actually cure me ! :joy: tbh yes I know it’s expensive but right. Now I need him and my health is important so I’m happy to pay £160 and actually get all my questions answered :slight_smile: noticed a big diff seeing him privately than nhs x

Hi Amy
sorry for the late response - I hadn’t spotted your post! I am tempted to go back as a private patient - £160 is not too bad as I pay more than that sometimes for the treatment I have at the dentist. I am not due back now until Sept 2019, but will ask to see him as a private patient if I haven’t made any more progress. How are you getting on with the Piz this week?
Jan x

No worries jan :slight_smile: yes personally I think it’s worth it , I see him in December once I’m back ! Ummm I saw improvement for 2 weeks but that was it tbh not huge amounts so will see what he says I’m on 4 tablets now so reluctant to go higher ! Hopefully the holiday helps :slight_smile: hope ur doing well

I am doing ok although I still have up and down days. I am not dizzy any more which is good, but my ears are not right yet. Dr S said the tinnitus might not go :tired_face: and the ear pressure might be an ENT thing so maybe I shall go down that route. I am seeing an osteopath for lower back trouble and she said that she might be able to help with the tinnitus and ears so I might give it a go - I have read some negative things about osteopathy re MAV though! I am sure that your holiday will do you the power of good! Jan x

I was told osteopaths OK but avoid chiropractors but I steer clear of both! Helen

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That’s odd dr s said the tinnitus will not go why not ? :confused: I have tinnitus but hardly notice it tbh only really loud in the morning ! :confused: wierd ! I’m glad to hear ur not dizzy anymore I don’t think I’ve had pressure in my ear doesn’t it feel painful? I am very sure it’s a migraine thing as seen loads moan about this but it’s alaus worth checking :slight_smile: x

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Maybe Dr S thought @janb’s tinnitus wasn’t related to her MAV condition. I’d have thought if it was related it stood as good a chance of clearing as any other symptoms, eventually and with medication, My tinnitus came with chronic MAV, not before and it has gone now from being permanent one ear to just occasional. Presumably when my balance feels bit challenged, like today. Most of the time my ears are totally clear 24/7. If my ears are good, I’m good, i’ve found these last few months. If I get tinnitus in my left ear, I’m in trouble and MAV’s acute. I go days and don’t experience any at all now, the medics don’t know everything. Migraine ‘expert’ neurologist told me not to bother with caffeine reduction or any sort of diet but, trying to ‘mop up the bits’, I’m trying both and think it’s helping’. She just wanted to pump me up on Sodium Valproate. I’d much rather give up pickled onions and Chinese if I have to thank you.

Surprised Amy you’ve missed out on the ‘ear pressure;. An experienced migraineur like yourself. @dizzy3 tells me it’s part of the migraine headache I always say I don’t get. It’s, for me, just like the rear head pressure feeling, only in your ears and usually occurs simultaneously. Less caffeine seems to have reduced it for me. The back of the head (cerebellum) snd ears so integrally linked with balance clearing’s bound to reduce MAV and it was symptom that seems to want to linger. Helen

I mean I’ve had enough symptoms to last me a life time :sob: I did have terrible ear pain when this kicked off now it comes back occasionally . I suspect because @Janb is a lot better he maybe dosent give as much time . If a migraine can be controlled and the tinnitus is linked I’m sure it will also calm down. I do have it mildly but don’t notice it tbh it’s probably because the other symtoms I am getting are far more bothersome :grimacing:

I didn’t have tinnitus either until the MVBD started so @Amylouise I am also puzzled by Dr S’s saying that it isn’t related although I originally had 'pulsating tinnitus which gradually went but left me with ringing ears instead. It got a lot better and I hardly noticed it, but since the ear pressure has returned has got louder again. I might still be doing too much, but am not sure what “too much” looks like!

Me too to both of these Helen!

Jan xx

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Hi Jan. the only trouble with the ‘doing too much’ is it’s retrospective. By the time you find out, it’s too late. It is a difficult one that. I’ve never before had to ‘pace’ myself either. Within reason, like avoiding Mount Everest, trekking and jogging, I’d always had energy/ability to do everything I wanted to on a particular day. It’s a whole new ball game and a case of trying to teach old dog new tricks! Helen

As always you have hit the nail on the head - it is definitely too late by the time you find out!
My ears are driving me nuts today - they started to go a bit weird last night but I had hoped that by this morning they would have settled down. Unfortunately not as they are worse today - feel very full of something in both ears and sound is distorted with some things seeming too loud but having to turn up the volume on the radio to hear the Archers. The tinnitus isn’t as loud today but is a sort of muffled tinnitus - I need a whole new vocabulary to describe things! Maybe I am getting the dreaded cold lurgy, but I feel okay other than the ear trouble. Maybe there are other things going on with my ears - back to the GP perhaps for an ENT referral as suggested by Dr S. :thinking: Jan x

I wouldn’t have thought cold would start with ear symptoms but suppose ears may be your Achilles heel. My recent cold didn’t affect ears, aka ‘balance, for days. I was thinking I’d ‘got away with it’, then BAM. But I’m not you. I’m wondering if it’s sign you aren’t highly medicated enough to control symptoms, or is it too early days. How quickly does Pizotifen cut in? Propranolol is slow, very slow. It took me 8 months from hitting optimum dose before my 24/7 dizziness started to intermittently stop, I reckon it took as long again for the tinnitus and ear fullness to go from all the time to occasional when roused. Perhaps Pizotifen will be, comparatively similar if you follow. If yr ears stem from MAV, preventatives should eventually bring it under control but don’t forget trigger avoidance helps alot as well. Back to the ‘too much’ syndrome again maybe. Know what you mean abt new vocabulary. Muffled tinnitus, that’s sign of migraine trying to breakthrough maybe? Thresholds of tolerance don’t high enough yet. Any wiggle room with the meds. Did you mention another 0.5mg you could take. Be interesting to see if it settled without if you could have a fortnight off, and rest/relax. First though. Guess you are looking at the Spring for ENT referral unless you go private? Helen