Tinnitus..slight increase in ringing

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had Intermittant Tinnitus since 1998. Since then the tinnitus has stayed the same volume and it’s off and on throughout each day. It’s not too loud or bothersome. My concern now is that Last Year for about nearly 2 weeks straight the ringing/hissing increased a slight bit and it was constant for 2 weeks straight, then it returned to Intermittant and the sound return to it’s normal frequency. Now it’s happened again… Over two weeks ago the pitch increased slightly again out of the blue (enough to notice) and it’s constant and for the most part hasn’t let up. I have not taken any aspirin. Does anyone know what could be increasing the pitch a notch and why now it’s been mostly constant for over 2 1/2 weeks? I woke up this morning and it was quiet for about 15 minutes and then it started again and hasn’t stopped. Any ideas on this.



Hi Joe,
I wonder if it has anything to do with hormone changes?
surely that could crank up migrainures symptoms.
My hubby has sweating at night and he’s only in his ealy 50’s .
Dr put it down “to getting older” :shock:

I’m 47 and havent started hot flashes (female thing) as of yet.
I use to think I had hot flashes , but found out it was due to high blood pressure not peri meno.
Since starting BP meds they have gone.
could tinitus get worse due to hormone changes?

I Don’t know…


Extra Stress maybe? Anything of note you can think of could be reving you up more lately?

Hey Jen…you think the hormone issues can affect the guys like it does the girls? :slight_smile: It increases for no rhyme or reason like when the Motion/dizzyness returns sometimes with no reason. Luckily, this increase of noise (tinnitus) only happens once or twice a year.

CJL…no extra stress that i’m aware of. This slight increase of noise started about 2.5 weeks ago so it’s not that long. The last 2 mornings i have woken up with no tinnitus but within 15 minutes it starts up again…but that is good cause the last couple of weeks i 've been waking up with tinnitus.

Sometimes there are no reasons to this MAV or Tinnitus condition.

Thanks to both of you for your input.


Hi Joe.
if it’s Mav you have then…maybe?
Guy’s also have hormones, even thouhg , we dont talk about them often.
Maybe not as dramatic as womens hormones, but a drop in Male hormone after 50 might cause a prob…
What do you think, Matbe we need to look online for more infor regarding this.
love your face book tunes.

Hi Joe -

I’ve noticed a slight increase in mine just recently as well. I was thinking allergies???

I have them year round, so when I first saw an allergist she said there was no point in putting me through expensive tests to see what I’m allergic to (probably dust, pollens of all sorts, mold, my cats to a certain degree, etc). I agreed to skip the testing, and I’ve been on a combination of medications ever since that controls my symptoms for the most part (at least I’ve avoided the horrid sinus infections I used to get).

But I get break through symptoms sometimes - a few sneezes, a runny nose here and there - and I wonder if the tinnitus could be related to eustachian tube congestion.

Hey Mary Alice,

I have very mild allergies so i’m still not sure what increases the hissing/ringing? But today was finally a good day and the tinnitus is way down so i’m hopeful things have begun to improve. Keeping my fingers crossed.