Started getting this back in November when my MAV started. Everytime I get a migraine now I get it really bad. Any ideas of how to cope with it? It’s driving me crazy right now!!

Hi Tam

I can relate. (I know that does not help you, just wanted you to know that you are not alone!)

My tinnuitis is a little different than everyone elses though (I think)

As my foggy , light-headed, dis-equilibrium is ramped up…my ears ring louder and at a different tone.

If I am in a “good part” of the day…the ears are as quiet as a church mouse.

It is almost as if my brain is buzzing because it is on information overload when I am completely symptomatic.

I know that sounds odd, but that is how it is for me

Todd :slight_smile:

Lemon bioflavonoid is meant to be highly reccommended for tinnitus. Not citrus bioflav - it has to be the lemon one. A lot of Meniere’s sufferes use it to control the tinnitus.

Have a google of it and you’ll see it comes up a lot as offering relief to the annoying T!

Wishing you welll x

Thanks Mup,

I don’t want to sound “special”, but my tinnuitis seems different than others.

Mine gets louder and buzzes more when my dizziness and fogginess is ramped up…like my brain is telling me I am on information overload and it can’t handle it.

When I am in a “happy place”…my brain can get as quiet as a church mouse.

My tinnuitis is not just there always…it is really predicated on how I am feeling.

Does that make any sense?


Yes it does because when mine started I FREAKED out like BIG TIME!!! This was because at the time I was under the Menieres diagnosis so when it started, it flipped me over the edge and the more stressed I got, the worse it got.

Now that I’ve got my anxiety under control, I get the T maybe once a week very briefly.

I still think you should sink the Lemon Bio - Vitamin Shoppe in the USA sells a quality brand of it. It really might help?

Hugs, Mup