Tired, so tired

and I don’t look anything like Lily Von Schtupp.

I could see where my fatigue was connected to changing weather from the end of last week to the beginning of this, but the rain’s been over for a day and I’m still dragging. Wednesday we head to Michigan for a niece’s graduation, a 2-day drive, and then Saturday evening we head back. I’m afraid that I may not be able to share much of the driving, and I don’t feel very good about that.

David, the weather pattern over these past few days (from the plains to the east coast) has been horrendous for those of us with migraine brains!! My symptoms are usually well controlled but I’ve had mild wobbliness breakthroughs. Plus I’m wondering if I’ve developed arthritis because bones that I broke a few years ago have been giving me fits, my allergies have been bad, and my husband and I have both slept poorly and are both crabby as a result!

I just keep trying to count my blessings: at least we didn’t get hit with tornadoes like people in some of those hard-hit communities did. Our roof is on our house, and we’re still alive. But boy, the barometer has been unkind!


Gee, I’m sorry you’ve had it shitty too, Maryalice, but thanks for the suggestion that it’s nabut a weather response. I sure hope that’s all it is!

Hey David - And the weather just keeps right on being crappy!! And I’ve been doing my best to avoid taking Advil for the headache that goes away for a day or so, but seems to come right back when we have yet MORE RAIN and barometric bouncing around. Blecch. Hope you’re doing better!!


Yes, I am. Of course, tomorrow we set off on a 2-day drive to Michigan. Driving to NY, I think what happened is that as my neck and shoulders tensed due to rain and backed-up traffic, my butt tensed along with them, and the whole system paid. I’ve told my sweetie that I want to spend at least ten minutes walking as we stop every couple of hours. I hope the weather’s better. Pink glasses didn’t do a damned thing for me. And I keep thinking about getting myself another motorcycle!

The weather really gets me too.

I just had to comment on the I’m tired,tired of playing the game,again and again and again over and over and over.Let’s face it I’m just tired.’‘Blazing Saddles’’? I love that scene.
Madeline Kahn I miss her.

Blazing Saddles is a great movie.

I’m reminded of the Mae West story - a dozen guys turn up at her door one night, looking to have some fun. Mae opens the door and says “Boys, I’m tired. One of you is going to have to go home”. :lol: