Titrating faster than what neuro prescribes

Hi All

Do you think its a good idea for me to titrate faster than what my neurologist has prescribed and bare with the side effects and get it over and done with so that I reach the full dose of my medicine faster? For some reason I have noticed that medicines do not have much side effects on me or I am just able to tolerate the side effects well so I was wondering if I could titrate much faster on my meds?

I think I should as I can’t wait to feel better again


That is a pretty tough question to answer without any information on which medication you are talking about and what dosages you are taking. In general I would always hesitate to counteract any instructions a doctor has given you unless you know your doc is always overly conservative with these things.

Usually titration schedules are designed for a reason and just because you feel ok on schedule doesn’t necessarily mean you should speed up the schedule.

If I was in your position I would contact your doctor, let him know what side effects you are experiencing and then ask if it is reasonable to speed up the process. In the past there have been meds I was able to speed up the process with because of the lack of side effects, but also some I needed to slow because of the amount of side effects. Definitely check with the doc. Can’t hurt to ask!