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Titrating nortriptyline - opinion

Hi All,
I m back:) i decided to try and get off the nori.
I was 50 now down to 45 for a couple of weeks.
Do you think that doing one week 45 / 40/ 45/40 … is acceptable? Then one week on 40… the slower the better!
Doc said to titrate how i want lol

What a helpful doctor. About as useful as the proverbial chocolate teapot. I know you aren’t UK based but there has been a lot in the national press here recently about how very little doctors understand and appreciate the difficulties of drugs withdrawal. There were horror stories of people who had been on antidepressants for years maybe a decade even who were told to ‘just stop’ and then when they exhibited classic withdrawal symptoms were told to get straight back on or given other drugs treating the withdrawal symptoms as a new condition.

We’ve discussed coming off antidepressants before on here. The way is slowly, very slowly. Must be plenty of information on here. Did you run a search? Also might be worth discussing it with your pharmacist?

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One doctor told me to do one day yes and one no at 50 mg, of course no way i would do that but from there i thought that i could do 45/40 so the concentration in the blood should be 42.5 (?)

I follow your reasoning but really am not qualified to comment. I’m certainly no chemist. I know our sensitive brains don’t appreciate change. Whether gradual but constant increase/decrease is best I’ve no idea.

Hi I’m definitely not qualified about the med or any concentration in the blood so I’d chat to your pharmacist. I think the way you are reducing seems like a good plan, take it slow and just keep listening to your body. Best of luck


Yeah, I’d take it slow like that. I just went down from 25mg Ami to 20mg and haven’t noticed a thing. I’m more worried about getting off the last bit of it. When I went off Paxil I had a heck of a time, granted MAV was way out of control though. So I plan to really go slow with the last 10mg of Ami, but not for another 3-6 months probably.

i was at 50 … planning to go to 20 and then stay for a while before going to 10, i i manage to split them i even would go down 1/4 at the time.

Yeah, I’ll be weighing the crushed pill powder on my micro scale…

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weirdly enough i feel better now that i m down to 40 than when i was at 50


That’s great, I’m wondering if I will feel better going down on Ami too.