I was wondering if there was any connection between TMJ and MAV? I seem to have a lot of TMJ symptoms as well and many of them are the same as in MAV. These include headaches, jaw and neck pain. Also pain behind the eyes and a clicking when I chew food on the left side. I’m pretty sure I grind at night but this is not conclusive. Sometimes I get shooting jaw pains. The pain in the jaw seems to come and go.


i have tmj but my symptoms come and go depending on how stressed i am. I don’t know if there is a connection or if they are two entirely different things. When i’m stressed i wake up clenching my teeth and i have gotten lock jaw, which was really scary. I’ve been symptom free for awhile now.

I have wondered about TMJ in the past (although my knowledge of it is patchy)…particularly as my first encounter with balance problems, neck/back tension was less than a year post-brace removal (whereby my jaw was realigned and the brace treatment spanned 3 years). I have at times noticed the stiffness in my jaw- but it’s nowhere near as bad as in my neck/back, which i have to crack far more often. I am interested though to see somebody with TMJ finds that stress is the trigger…I’ll have to look into this area more.