To those who suspect you have a CSF leak

Did/ do you have ear symptoms? I got dizzy after my third child, this was my third c-section, and I obviously had a spinal. I never had any dizziness problems after any of my other c-sections, and I Actually got dizzy about 2 months after I had her, not right away. I am on meds now and doing much, much better, most days I function %95-%99. My “time of the month” Im always more dizzy. I have always had ear symptoms in my left ear mostly fullness, but it would also pop and I had a low ringing in my left ear when this all started too, I woke up dizzy with ringing. Since being on meds, the ear symptoms almost completely subsided, I can barely feel it full now. The fact that meds are helping are leading me to believe it is MAV and not a CSF problem, and also since I have/had ear symptoms. Any opinions?

If you are 99% better, I think I would stick with what is working. Drugs don’t help csf leaks.

I don’t know for sure that I have a CSF leak but it is a possibility. I have an MRI on the 30th and depending on what that shows, will possibly do a spinal tap to check the pressure. My suspected leak would be from a very bad whiplash I got last year in a car accident.

I do get ear fullness. Sometimes they close right up and I get tinnitus with it. They always feel a bit clogged.

If your meds are working, that’s awesome! I would just stick with that as thinking about going through all of this is not really fun!


The only way to know is to have a mylegram and let me tell you all the lumbar puncture/spinal tap/blood patch stuff is awful. If you are feeling that good on meds I’m not sure I’d pursue it. As inafog said meds don’t help leaks. Have you asked your neuro? Do you or did you have headaches?

Thanks everyone, well I had heard from inafog that some meds can lower pressure…i think? My neuro wanted me to have a spinal tap but it was right around the time that I added verapamil in and started feeling better so I never went. I then added Celexa( still trying to up the dose) and did even better. I just started school today and the new environment plus being on my memstrual cycle has me pretty “foggy”. It’s always dissapointing to back track. I keep telling myself I will return to my mostly non dizzy self soon. I did/ do have headaches. I have had a nice break from them since being on drugs but I do have a history of migraine in my family and have had awful headaches for years before getting dizzy. I guess I just don’t understand how this can be chronic, and I wish there was a cure for us all to get better for good.

Yes, some meds lower and some increase. Verp. I know slightly increases, I’m not sure about the others you are on. A lot of the migraine meds lower.