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Today is my MAV'iversary

One year ago today was the scariest day I have ever had… when I woke up with vertigo for the first time. A long horrible year of misdiagnosis’ and absolute debilitating fear… I am now finally at a point where I have hope! A Dr who finally found the appropriate diagnosis, a family who are so supportive, a job that keeps me hopping, a medication that is slowly working and this forum full of good people who have been so helpful. Here’s to good health for all of us this year cheers! :clinking_glasses:


Well done Naejohn for all your hard work in this year. MAV is hard work, I know from experience! And wish you a good further recovery!

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@Naejohn it really is so good to hear your doing great hun! Long may it continue!! :crossed_fingers::pray::kissing_heart:

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