Tomorrow = b-day and EEG

I think I’ve got my new neurologist a bit stumped. He’s decided to go for an EEG, which will be at about 10 a.m. (We’ll have to leave the house at about 6 a.m., drive up, and get there by 9:30. Whoopee.)

Anyway, I’m not allowed to go to sleep at all tonight. They want to have the EEG going while I’m asleep, then while I’m awake. They said if they see anything abnormal, they may follow up with an ambulatory EEG.

I’ve since learned that seizures epilepsy – “epilepsy” can mean any of a variety of disorders – so who knows. If my brother and I are both on the autism spectrum (we are), we have to have some neurological similarities. Given that he used to have epileptic seizures, maybe I have something akin to it.

So all in all, how will I be spending my 28th birthday tomorrow? Going for a 2.5-hour car ride after having not slept at all the night before, then getting a bunch of medical glue rubbed all over my head.

Spend a perfectly good b-day attached to electrodes for 4+ hours? Maybe I can get some cake icing through an IV drip.

maybe it will turn into a present…a cure for you!! i will be thinking of you.
Best Wishes and happy birthday!


That does not sound like fun at all! What a horrible way to spend your Birthday. On the brighter side, hopefully you will learn some new information from these tests that you will eventually benefit from. Any plans on how you are going to keep your self up all night? I hope someone will be driving you to you appt. tomorrow. No sleep and driving long distances doesn’t sound like a good mix. Be safe!
Happy Birthday to you my friend :mrgreen:

I am so sorry that you have to spend your b-day ill and having tests. I can relate. After having a fun b-day party for my 30th, I was home sick, and sad, on my 31st and 32nd. I just hope that I won’t have to spend another b-day ill again. makes us appreciate the good times so much more. you’ll get there. Don’t let the day bring you down. I get very sad around b-days and all holidays, but it’s just not worth it. We’ll be well again for many b-days, and will surely make up for lost time with a brand new lease on life. Now I just have to internalize everything that I just wrote.

Thanks all,

I think I’d like to be optimistic about tomorrow, but my brain’s not completely letting me. Though some people have said, “Well, maybe your b-day present will be that they’ll figure out what’s wrong.” I guess that’s a good way of looking at it.

I know what you mean, Lisa – you don’t WANT to feel sad and depressed during normally very-happy times, but you can’t entirely help it. The best you can do is look forward to the time when all of this is finally in the past. It seems awfully hard to take much comfort in it, especially since such time of recovery/healing is yet to come, and we don’t know WHEN it is to arrive. This is about how I feel, especially in recent weeks, but some part of me knows that one has to hold to faith and hope (even when there seems no worthwhile reason to do so), because if we don’t, what else is left?

Here’s hoping that ALL of us find our answers, as well as our recovery, soon and that we have the endurance and hope enough to keep us going until that day comes when the bad dream is over.

Hi George,

What a drag, but happy birthday anyway. I hope the EEG at least proves useful. If it’s any consolation I spent my birthday last week with a violently scintillating scotoma migraine followed by a night of vomiting and diarhhea. Awesome!

Good luck

Hey George,

Happy Birthday! Really sorry to hear you have to go through all of that hassle with the tests etc. But as the others say, maybe it’ll just be good news in that you can rule out all of these other things this doctor continues to chase. I hope it just ends up being something clear-cut … as in MAV.

Keep us posted.


How did the EEG go? My head is so sensitive that it is very painful to have my hair washed. EEGs are terribly painful for me. I hope yours turned out okay. Did you have a birthday celebration on another day? Any more diagnosis clues?

Hope your birthday was fun after the EEG! :slight_smile:


I’ll make a new thread about what all happened on Wednesday. --George