Too many new faces

Sorry to see so many new faces, mixed in with the old. Seems like MAV is rearing its ugly head all over, but at least this forum provides some respite.

It has been a very long time since I have posted - why? I’ll be honest I’m trying to put this crap behind me. I’m still dizzy, but hover at around 90%, but this leaves me in a functional state whereby I can still enjoy life. I recently dropped Pizotifen to lose weight, and am still on 15mg of Celexa/Citalopram.

I’m convinced I’ll always be dizzy to an extent, and a damage control/ management program is the way forward for me - mixing meds and lifestyle changes.

Just know there is hope though - and you can live with this to a degree once it is managed. There is no ‘cure’ for MAV, but it is extremly manageable.

I say this, because over the past month I had a motorbike crash, lots of interviews, just broke up with my GF (bummer, hope that we get back together) who I was meant to go to Mexico with next week - and my MAV has only really dropped to around 80%. I havent been sleeping or eating much - this always messes with me.

So it just shows, even with a lot of pressure and bad stuff in your life, you can still hold it together.

Scott & crew - hope you are all fairing better these days.


Hi Luke,

Nice of you to drop in and let us know how you are getting on. I thought you had gone on a world tour or something similar, knowing your love of travel.

Its great that you are still functioning well on the citalopram, I have a friend doing equally well on 10 mg a day, has been for 3 years now. Wish I could have tolerated it.

Sorry to hear your run of bad luck lately. Sure you and your GF will get back together, she wont want to be missing out on a trip
to Mexico :wink:

Its great when people come back and say they are still doing well on a med, it gives us all hope :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting Luke, it was very uplifting.

Great to hear that you’re managing so well - thanks for posting

Yes i feel sad that there are so many of us suffering with this. Glad you are doing fairly well though!
I’ve pretty much accepted that fact that i may always have this also - not to be negative but after 30 years it’s hard to be super hopeful.
Others have gotten relief and i’m glad.

Hey Luke,

Great to hear from you. Sorry that you’ve had so many life stressors in recent weeks but I guess the good news is that despite all that you are still doing pretty well.

Have an awesome time in Mexico and fingers crossed re the girlfriend issue.


Hey Luke – great to hear from you again but sorry things haven’t panned out with your GF. What’s going on with the job hunt? The other job contract ended yeah?

Cheers … Scott

Hey Scott

Ive kind of been looking for a new challenge, hence the job hunt. My contract here is pretty secure, but I am somewhat impatient and get bored easily ( I need to be more patient).

I was looking at working for Google or another tech company but in an advertising/ product dev role.

Hows things your end? taming the beast ok?


Hey LUke,
Any problems getting off pizo?
How are you with Cip? Are you fighting any side effects?
Nice to see you back on the board…


Hey Luke,

I’m giving Piz another go. I remember it once worked well for you.

Shooting you a PM about some stuff.