Too much sleep?

Will I ever be able to sleep in again? I have been feeling ok this week, thanks to the Nori improving things, but I slept in yesterday since hubby was home, he got up with the kids. I felt horrible all day yesterday, dizzy, off balance, blurry vision, I doubled up on the ativan, and it barely helped. Maybe I need to be on a more regular schedule? I slept about 9-10 hours yesterday when I usually sleep about 6-7. I dont know, it just seems like the slightest thing can take me from 70% to %5! Basically it seems like the less sleep I get, the less Im dizzy, yet Im tired, the more sleep I get the more dizzy I am, yet not tired. So frustrating.

Having a regular sleep schedule that involves the same bedtime and eight hours of sleep every night has made a HUGE difference for me. It is the single most important thing to keeping me feeling all right. I’m sure it’s much harder to get on a schedule when you have kids, though!

If I have too much sleep I’m guaranteed to have a migraine. For me 6 to 7 hours is the ideal time but everyone is different.

Hi, i feel exactly the same way when i sleep in or sleep to long, Ive learnt to just get 6hrs sleep and i feel ok but yea unfortunately sleepins are a no no for me :frowning:

I sleep 7 to 8 1/2 hours a night. Too much sleep and I wake up with a mild migraine, too little and I’m not alert enough to deal with the dizzies.

Christ I sleep like the dead. They could drop the A Bomb and I wouldnt be none the wiser. The weekends I sleep in until I naturally wake up but I’m def someone who needs 10 hours a night. That would be my ideal. I havent noticed sleep affecting me one way or another. I still feel like I have brain damage whatever the amount is!

Oh how I wish I could sleep till I naturally wake up on weekends! Lol I just notice that I feel like I’m in a fog all day, like everything is very surreal and I’m in a dream…and thatis only on days I sleep in. However my head is always leas heavy when I sleep later…Im just more dizzy lol

before i knew i had mav and had dizzy spells my enitre life, i identified my triggers and they were either sleeping too much or not sleeping enough. i think i am in the 6-10 hour range. i agree with muppo, 10 hours would be perfect!!

See usually I am a person who needs 10+ hours and could easily sleep that much on weekends, but not anymore with this MAV mess. Do you know if medicines would therfore raise your threshhold and maybe sleeping in wont be such a problem one day?