Topamax and anger as side effect?

Hi there,

I’ve noticed since being on Topamax for several months, that I’ve developed a little temper! I get really irritated with my husband, at the drop of a hat, (so not like me) almost like PMS issues. I did some research and learned that people with bipolar disorder also take Topamax and this is used as a mood stabilizer but other people also were having anger issues with it as a side effect? I guess if it can effect your mood, than it does have the power to mess with your emotions. I’m wondering if it’s messing with mine negatively?

I’m also on the lowest form of birth control so not 100% sure which drug is causing me to act like this. I just feel so badly for my hubby and I don’t like feeling this way.

Anyone else experience this? I don’t know if I should lower the dosage or add a SSRI to possibly counter balance?

I’ve read that some people can be affected that way with Topamax. I think maybe a couple people on this board also posted they had troubles with this??

From some of your other recent posts, I’m wondering if you need to: a) increase the Topamax, b) stop the Topamax and try another med, or c) add another med to your MAV cocktail. It doesn’t seem like Topamax alone is giving you enough relief from the dizziness. Decreasing the dose may help with the angry feelings, but will likely not help with the MAV symptoms that you are taking it for.

You may try adding an SSRI, Celexa or Lexapro might be good ones to try with Topamax, at least in my opinion :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I tried Topamax in October for 3 weeks, I cried alot and got really angry a few times.
I started again a week and a half ago, and I thought okay, NOW I KNOW it was the Topamax…
mind over matter, I told myself. I easily got upset a couple of times. I walked into a nother room and said.
Okay…this f’n stuff is making you mad, RELAX, RELAX, RELAX. It may help you, and if it doesn’t hey your losing weight!
I actually laughed out loud. I have not cried once or got mad again.

The mind is a very powerful thing. Tell yourself its the med, and try and relax. HOWEVER, again, the mind is a powerful thing
and it can win, so if it does, I agree with Anne maybe add a little something to it. :slight_smile:


Hi…I experienced anger and confusion while on topamax. I had only been on it for a few weeks @ 25mg nightly. I was ready to kill anyone who crossed me…NO LIE! Anyway on the advise of Tony on this board I decreased the dose to 12.5mg nightly thinking it would lessen the anger. Well, the anger lessened but my hair starting falling out. So I obviously stopped the topa. This is one side effect I refused to tolerate. Especially since my neuro and my dermatologist could not tell me if it would subside. So no topa. I am currently taking metotoprol 50 am and pm, COQ10, B vitamins, magnesium and xanax 0.25 mg when the dizzies are really bad. Oh and I also follow the migraine diet, do yoga and occasionally get head and neck massages. And I am functioning at about 70%. Not great but better than I was in the beginning.

I wish you luck with the topamax because so many members have had great success with it. Sending good thought your way! Take care,


The first year (and I am being general here), I definitely noticed having a short temper and getting irritated easily while on Topamax. Family members noticed it, especially when I got really ticked off over something that seemingly wasn’t THAT big of a deal and started swearing up a storm (I do swear, but this was in front of people and in anger over something going wrong.) Time has lessened this, but I still find that I get irritated more easily than usual. While Topamax has helped tremendously, some of the side effects I am not thrilled about, particularly the emotional/cognitive changes, albeit minor.