Topamax and glaucoma

Question: I have extremely narrow angles in my eyes with borderline pressures. Topamax causes closed angle glaucoma due to ciliary body edema. Am I at any greater risk than the general population for Topamax-caused glaucoma?

Has anybody had any experience with Top-caused glaucoma?

Thanks for any input - my opth has been useless in answering this question for me.


Greeting Julie,

I have Narrow Angle Glaucoma and am currently being treated for MAV with Verapamil. My pharmacist was an absolute wealth of information when it came to drug inteactions and finding a medication I could take that I could tollerate and also would not be any additional risk to my eyesight.

Check out the Topamax website:

There is a place there where you can ask the company questions about the drug.

If you go to this link you will have the disclosure information about Topamax that is provided by the manufacturer to pharmacies and the general public. On page two there is one paragraph titled: “Acute Myopia and Secondary Angle Closure Glaucoma.” It doesn’t completely address your question but may provide you with something more than what you already have.

Good luck!
-Southern California Cyclist


THANKS - it’s been so frustrating that I have had to do this research myself. I am willing to try Top, but not at the risk of my eyesight. How horrible would that be to have MAV along with blindness - not sure i could continue to adapt to that one.

Thanks again, i’ll check it out.

Warm Holiday wishes,