Topamax and Twitching

Hi everyone,

I recently started taking Topamax primarly for my my chronic headaches. My MAV symptoms seemed to have been down lately before the med but now they seem to be back along with a “twitchy” feeling. Not to sound offensive but I felt like I’ve had a little Michael J. Fox the last couple of days. Has anyone had twitching or shaking on this med or any other or just MAV in general.


I can’t remember if that is one of the side effects or not. Doesn’t sound like a good one, I would get in touch with your doc or pharmacist and find out.

Hi Steven,
Topamax didnt cause any twitching, but my mav does.
I twitch like a fish out of water while hvaing a migraine.
legs shoulders and hands.
when I have a “bad” attack , I’ve even had my arms uncontrollably cross over my chest, like a spasm of some type.
neuro said , it can happen with a strong migraine.
Go figure?