Topamax approved in Oz for migraine


I saw on the news last night that Topomax has been approved on the PBS in Australia for treatment of migraine. This means it will cost far less. Has anyone got any stories to share regarding this med.?

Hi Dizzy,
I hear its a epileptic drug, works well for people with partial seizure.
slows the nurons down.
it’s also used for losing wieght, yippie,
I could do with a bit of that
the side effects for some people ar’nt good,so they opt to stop.
I’d be willing to try It and see what happens.
How are you feeling by the way?
did you get an appiontment with the neuro in Brisvegas?
it turns out he had an Infection after a transplant he had.
poor darlen.
I think he’s taking some time off, I hope he gets back soon , as I wouldnt want to lose a good doc they’r hard to find.
hope all ok with you.

I’ve tried this med, but had limited success. It stopped the falling within a couple of days, and the dizzies faded away shortly there after. I could deal with most of the side effects which were beggining to subside when I quit taking it.

The side effect that I couldn’t tolerate was the mood swings. From chatting with other people online, it seeams that for women who experience mood swings from this med it is usually crying at the drop of a hat. For me it was temper, I could go from laughing and joking around to having my temper blow up for some of the simplest things, and then I couldn’t get myself to calm down.

Most people I have chatted with though were able to get past the side effects or found that the lack of dizzies were enough to justify the side effects.

hi there,

been having dizziness/vertigo for over a month now, but only got to seeing a doc about a week ago. he’s pretty sure it’s MAV and started me ton topemax. been taking 25mg pills only for 4 nights, but still not noticing any change. any idea when this stuff starts kicking in? my guess is im on a weak dose right now and it will be about a week, until i have to move to a stronger (50mg) dose, but im an impatient guy! the dizziness is really really annoying, and i’ll definitely handle the side effects if it means less vertigo. thanks!!! luis.

If you do a search for Topamax on this site you’ll get a ton of hits. I’ve read lots of Topamax stories on this forum.

The other place you can go to find some info about Topamax is: - interesting website