Topamax causing anxiety or anxious about topamax!?

So I’m currently on 1.5 mg sandomigran and a few days ago added in topamax, scared of it all, thought the lower the better and have cut the 25mg tablet into quarters. Has anyone experienced anxiety from topamax? I know on the info sheet it says it, but I’m not sure if I’m talking myself into it or if anxiety will be my side effect that I have to succumb. Crossing every crossable bit on my body for luck, I really really x infinity want and need this to work.

It could be causing it, or it could be all in your mind. The beauty of our situations…

Have you tried the 1/4 pieces? Did they make it worse?

I hope it all helps you.

Thanks for your well wishes. I’m up to the 25mg now, the anxiousness has settled a little now, but now I’m not too sure about other side effects l’ll push on, cross my fingers and see how I go. Thanks again :slight_smile: