Topamax effective dose and duration

Hello, folks. 2nd post here about Topamax, sorry. I hope someone can give me their opinion on this. My neuro started me on an 8-week Topamax trial. The med was hard to get onto but after 5 or so weeks I was fine at 100mg a day. However, my dizziness/imbalance symptoms weren’t much better at all. In fact, the only thing I noticed was a decrease in the constant rocking/swaying sensation that I feel 24/7 but the general dizziness persisted. This past week I met with the neuro again and he suspended the Topamax and now doubts the original migraine diagnosis because it didn’t have much of an effect.

So my questions to the panel of experts here are: Does it take more than 8 weeks at 100mg (was only at full-dose for about 2 weeks total) a day to achieve results on Topamax? Do you think my doctor ended the trial prematurely? Should I try the Topamax for a longer amount of time to see if it works?

Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.

BTW, he prescribed Klonopin for the anxiety (and possibly dizzies) because I have responded well to Xanax in the past. So far, no real change, but I’m hoping to see what this med can do in the days and weeks ahead.

Thanks to anyone who reads this and responds.

Yep , I would have tried it for longer, all meds I’ve trialed were for 3 months or more.
you were saying , you didnt have too many side effects while on it, that’s a bunus with any med.
good luck with it.