Topamax experience

Hi all

Can I just ask any of you that have at any point in your dizzy history tried Topamax, how long you continued with it before you either a) got positive results, or b) were taken off it as it was deemed that it wasn’t working?

Just wondering how much of a long haul I should sign up to before switching onto something else.


I’m a newbi here, but I started on topamax only a week ago for chronic migraine variant and the topamax is helping me already. I take 30 mg. in the morning and 30 mg. in the evening and I’m hoping that will be helpful longterm along with dietary modifications. I have a LOT of food triggers plus I’m doing physical therapy for my knotted neck. I’m on a relatively small amount so side effects aren’t bad so far. Hope that’s helpful.

Wow, thanks, fast results. I’m over a month in and just not seeing it. I know they always bandy three months around but can’t help thinking I should be seeing some improvement by now if it was going to work for me…

What dosage are you taking??? did you start at a low dose then work up a bit slowly??? three weeks is fair time to be eliminating food triggers, noticing and accommodating any side effects, and noting improvements in symptoms in our conditions. What symptoms are not better??? These are definitely the ones along with predominant side effects to report to your doctor soon since it affects your motivation to be compliant with treatment. And, maybe backing of a med by cutting a dose is good, raising a dosage can be good, as well as changing meds can really wise.
Hope wisdom prevails.

Hey Gail,

Yeah, started on 25mg and worked my way up to 75mg. The problem with the UK is you get started on these drugs and then are sent away for six months with no guidance. I’ve finally got sick of it all and am seeing someone else privately on tuesday. Can ill afford it at the moment but will hopefully get some much needed advice plus a letter formy GP “permitting” him to prescribe me other drugs to trial as and when I need them. Watch this space…