Topamax helping

Hi everyone

Just wanted to update you with the news that I am being helped with my headaches with 50 mg of Topamax. I have been on this dosage for approx. 2 mths and in that time I have noticed a marked reduction in my headaches. I was using pain medication almost daily and haven’t used any in weeks! I still got a stint of horrid three day headache that wouldn’t go away last month but apart from that the daily ones are gone…I’m now hoping to see some of the dizziness/imbalance subside as there hasn’t been any reduction in this symptom. My vision is still bouncy and I’m still taking my 2mg of Xanax and still feeling symptoms of anxiety. Perhaps upping the dose of Topamax would help but I think I’ll stay on 50 mg for a while yet and see if things improve in that regard at all before upping the dose.

Hi - thanks for the update!

I’m really keen to hear how people on Topamax are doing, because I’m on it myself. I’m a ‘24/7’ dizzy (have been since Sep 2008), and have been on Topamax for about 6 and a half months, but only just over 3 months at 50mg (I had a hard time with the drug initially). Like you, my plan was to maintain at 50mg for al least 3/4 months, to see what happened, before deciding on any tritration. A little while ago, I had a little break through (a small break in the clouds, if you will) but now seem to have slipped back to my usual levels of dizziness. Even so, fingers crossed - I’m hoping that those breaks in the clouds get larger and more frequent!! Thanks again for the update - please keep us updated of any further progress. Best wishes,


that is great news! i’m also 24/7 rocky and am currently on topamax. i started in feb.11 and have slowly worked my way up to 125mg and will be hanging out here. i think it has helped as far as the migraine vertigo, which for me is the rotational vertigo on top of the rockiness. i haven’t had an episode for 2 months and the last one i did was the last time i drank coke, hence the caffeine. i just wish there was something to get rid of the rockiness!

i’m currently in my 3rd week of vrt and i might add verpamil to the mix and see what the adds. best wishes to you!

ilovesalem - I’m curious about how you get 125 mg. Do you get one bottle of 100 mg plus a bottle of 25 mg pills? I cut my 100 mg pills in half but can’t see cutting them in quarters!


no worries! i just take 5 of the 25mg pills i’m given. the 100mg actually might be a smarter way to go! :smiley:

Oh! That makes sense!! :!:

I was trying to go down from 150 (that’s why I cut my 100 mg pills in half) so my doc said to alternate: 150 one night, 100 the next. Sort of an “average” of 125!

I did that for a few weeks but noticed I was having more headaches (mine have never been disabling, but who wants frequent headaches, even if they’re not severe?) and a bit more breakthrough wobbliness, so just recently I went back up to 150. Immediate improvement. This stuff really works.